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Baking Snowflakes

These yummy gingerbread cookies don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hot tea of surviving afternoon tea time at our place. Packed full of ginger and cloves and finished with delicate snowflake icing, we can’t wait to tackle this recipe from Local Palate Mag.

21 Aug 2014 snowrecipechristmas [comment_count]
Art and Design

We're taking a break!

Hello lovely folks, the Little Gatherer team have decided to take a much needed break for the next two weeks. We hope you're all having a fantastic Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all fresh and revived in 2014!

This gorgeous image is from illustrator Jane Foster.

30 Dec 2013 christmas [comment_count]

Little Ears

Top off your snuggly little bear with these super cute, and super easy to make DIY ears. The simplest of instructions are available from the beautiful Mer Mag blog. What creature will you create?

29 Dec 2013 christmascraftsDIY [comment_count]

Christmas Printable

We're a bit behind the eight ball sharing our latest adorable printable from the ever amazing Artist in La La Land. Perfect for those of you who (like us!) are still busy writing belated Christmas cards or to download and save for next years festivities. This gorgeous printable Christmas card will be sure to remain on the mantlepiece long after the tinsel has been taken down...

29 Dec 2013 printableschristmas [comment_count]

Tree Hunting

Go on a wonderful journey with the Blair children as they hunt for the perfect Christmas tree in the woods. This charming mini film was created by Olive Us and well worth a little peek.

23 Dec 2013 christmasvideo [comment_count]

Car in a Jar

If we could capture time, there’d be no better place to keep it captive than in a mason jar. Here we see a moment from the 1950s, when Uncle Buck has headed out into the woods to find a Christmas tree so big it will tickle the roof and be near impossible for little people to decorate. We can just imagine the looks on their faces when he pulls back into the driveway with this special delivery...

23 Dec 2013 christmascrafts [comment_count]

Cutie Pie

We’ll excuse you for wanting to tuck in and destroy this beautiful Chocolate Tart from Carnets Parisiens. Yep, we completely understand. So much so that that we’d be happy to take it off your hands. It’ll be safe with us. Promise...

21 Dec 2013 christmasrecipe [comment_count]