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To Shop - Hut 13

Melbourne has long been the shopping capital of Australia, and it goes without saying that it is home to some pretty amazing stores for little people too. One of our favourites is HUT 13. From wall-to-wall you will find a unique collection of original and vibrant homewares and handcrafted pieces made by local makers and designers...

Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

A Room of Colours

1. Orange pendant light from Muuto. 2. Display box from Ferm Living. 3. Coloured cubebots from Serendipity. 4. Apple cushion from Bla Bla. 5. Triangle bassinet blanket from Uimi. 6. Dish set by Ekobo. 7. Cloud blanket from Donna Wilson. 8. 'Oh Happy Day' print from Paper Plane Store. 9. Dumbo mug from Seredipity. 10. Wooden rattle from Keepsake Toys. 11. 'Ay Snoop' from Luck Boy Sunday. 12. Polly doll from Lucky Boy Sunday. 13. Wooden blocks from Dora. 14. Kili cot from Sebra. 15. Laundry basket from African Baskets. 16. Grey pouf from Wayfair. 17. Felt ball from Serendipity. 18. Diamond rug from Urban Outfitters. 19. Chair from Sand For Kids.