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Basket Case

Good old IKEA is great for affordable furniture that gets the job done and looks good. The problem is everyone has the same Billy Bookcase and Malm Dresser as you. That’s why we love a good IKEA hack like this one from Zilverblauw. Turn a basic Gaddis Basket from IKEA into something more special with this gorgeous colour gradient DIY. Find out how here.

27 Sep 2014 craftspastelhomewares [comment_count]

Face Plating

It’s amazing how a few simple lines and brush strokes can turn something basic into a charming kitchen favourite brimming with personality and flair. The creator of these gorgeous plates is illustrator and graphic designer Asia Gwis/Kavka...

12 Aug 2014 snowcraftsDIY [comment_count]

Cuts like a Diamond

If all rare gems could be fashioned as easy as these glamorous Paper-cut Gems from Mini-eco we'd be dripping in them. But we are just as happy to have our lounge room floor brimming with a mine's worth of these stunning cut outs. Once we are done, we plan to string a few together to form an edgy alternative to bunting, and maybe keep a few up our sleeves to garnish upcoming birthday presents.

22 May 2014 crystalsDIYprintablescrafts [comment_count]

Hunting Pouch

There’s nothing worse than dropping your bundle when fossicking and foraging for treasures in the back garden. Fear not, we’ve found the perfect little pouch to accompany eager egg hunters this Easter so no precious bullion will go missing. Head over to the wonderful Mer Mag for instructions on how to make you own.

16 Apr 2014 bunniescraftsDIYeaster [comment_count]

Glitter Jam

Painstaking attention to detail is hard to come by in today’s world of fast fashion, quick fixes and disposable everythings. But when you do stumble over something that has been made with real hands and real love, it’s very special indeed...

12 Apr 2014 bunniestoyscrafts [comment_count]