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Sweety Stamps

We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is we have found the most adorable set of ice cream stamps in the whole world. Ink away and build your own ice cream tower featuring a cute little face. Don't forget the cherry on top!

20 Mar 2014 ice creamcrafts [comment_count]

Ice Cream Bash

Ice cream piñatas? Yes please! The only catch is we want a giant spoon (not a stick) to bash out all the goodies from within. When we are triumphant it will be raining candy for all. That’s right, candy pouring from a giant, flying ice cream. And that ladies and gentlemen, would make it official. It will the best day ever in the world...

15 Mar 2014 ice creampartiescrafts [comment_count]

Paper Disguise

This Leone Paper Costume from OMY is very kaleidoscope cool. Bright, vibrant and super playful we think it’s just grand. There are two holes for the arms and one for the face, once the costume has been pulled on, you are in disguise. Raaaarrrr!

09 Mar 2014 lions & tigerscraftscostumesdress ups [comment_count]

DIY Lion Mask

Cause an uproar with this outrageously cute (and easy to make) DIY Lion mask from Mer Mag. Originally made for National Geographic to celebrate Halloween, this mask is definitely cool enough to be whipped up on any day of the year. Find out how here.

08 Mar 2014 craftslions & tigers [comment_count]

It all Points to Love

Send all your love in style on Valentines Day with a DIY LOVE Arrow KIT. String, coloured tape, glitter and a darling arrow head so shiny it’s guaranteed to fill anything it touches with pure love; this Kit contains everything you need to send your crush’s heart a flutter...

20 Feb 2014 heartscraftsvalentines [comment_count]