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To Shop - Paper2

Started by graphic designer Margaret Rockliff, Paper2 is a beautiful little store dedicated to all things paper. Nestled in the heart of Sydney's Surry Hills, you will find walls and cabinets filled with an array of paper and stationary collected from all over the globe...

28 May 2013 to shopcraftssydney [comment_count]

Fantastic Fox Mask

Wondering how to spend your Sunday afternoon? How about changing into a couple of ferocious little foxes and bounding around the garden for a few hours. Just grab some card, scissors and elastic, and download our printbale Fantastic Fox Mask...

05 May 2013 foxesprintablescrafts [comment_count]

Make Your Own Pet Cloud

Make your own pet cloud children craft

If you're anything like us, you would have spent many an afternoon gazing up at the sky, wondering what it would be like to have one of those sweet, fluffy clouds as a pet.
Grab some cotton wool and coloured pom pom's and join us in making your very own pet cloud. The perfect pocket-size companion to carry around on your many adventures.

27 Apr 2013 cloudscrafts [comment_count]