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Fluffy Bunny Cupcakes

We are not trying to steal the Chocolate Egg’s thunder, but sometimes over Easter it is nice to mix things up with some other sweet treats. These gorgeous bunny cupcakes from Fraeulein Klein are perfect for doing just that. Simple to make, they will bring you a little variety without losing the Easter vibes...

24 Mar 2015 recipeeaster [comment_count]

Bunnies & Bows

1. 'Big Rabbit' print from Seventy Tree. 2. 'Hello' print from Miniwilla. 3. Dingaring bunny from Kido. 4. Paper bunny kit from Chloe Fleury. 5. Star crossed hair clips from Rock Your Baby. 6. Bucket of praline quail eggs from Hedgehog. 7. Grey bunny hat from Little Goodall. 8. Magnolia the bunny from Walnut Animal Society. 9. Decorate your own wooden stacking eggs from Blank Goods. 10. Riceturnip plush toy from Noodoll. 11. Mini Ozzie surprise box from Le Train Fantome. 12. Mint spot washpaper bag from Beau Monde Babe.

23 Mar 2015 toyshomewareseaster [comment_count]

Hunting Pouch

There’s nothing worse than dropping your bundle when fossicking and foraging for treasures in the back garden. Fear not, we’ve found the perfect little pouch to accompany eager egg hunters this Easter so no precious bullion will go missing. Head over to the wonderful Mer Mag for instructions on how to make you own.

16 Apr 2014 bunniescraftsDIYeaster [comment_count]