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To Shop - Nature Baby

Nature Baby Store in Newmarket is filled to the brim with all of Nature Baby's own products as well as a thoughtfully curated collection of beautiful products from all over the world. A store you could get lost in for hours, Nature Baby is well worth a visit next time you're in Auckland...

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Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

Green Dreaming

1. Preservative-free rubberwood stacking tree from leading eco toy company Plan Toys. 2. Non-toxic Wooden Peg Dolls by Goose Grease. 3. 100% boiled wool baby book by Needle & I. 4. Wooden lamp from Muuto. 5. Organic Tea Tree pillow from Tetra. 6. 100% Cotton and Wool peach polka dot cloud cushion by Needle & I. 7. 100% merino wool blanket by Uimi. 8. Organic Print Cushions available from Nature Baby. 9. Merlin 3 draw dresser by eco-friendly brand Oeuf. 10. Birch change station by Oeuf 11. Pablo the Pigeon also by the amazing Oeuf. 12. Birch Sparrow cot to match change station by Oeuf. 13. 100% recyclable bedside toadstool by Flatout Frankie.

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Little Baby

Happy Teeth

Have you ever actually stopped to think what toothpaste is made of? We hadn’t until we stumbled across this all-natural, kiddy-friendly toothpaste from Jack n’ Jill. With this great product you can rest easy that no nasties are foamed up in your little one’s mouth...

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To Eat - Leon

Leon is a chain of restaurants in the UK that bring a whole new dimension to the idea of fast food. They believe that food should taste good while at the same time nourish the body and be kind to the environment. Their innovative, seasonal recipes are full of flavour and goodness and only use ingredients that they personally source from places they trust...

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Little Baby & Products we love

Nesta's Nest

This beautiful moses basket would make a lovely addition to any home. Aptly named after the impending arrival of her first born son, Berlin mum and designer Heidi Schaefer wanted Nesta’s Nest to be handcrafted from natural materials—wool felt and light beech wood—with environmental integrity...

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Little Baby

Pineapple Heads

Little people’s heads should not be filled with bad stuff. That’s why we absolutely love the natural hair care range from Pineapple Heads. They have shampoos, conditioners, detangles, gels and wax and each is naturally fragranced with yummy scents like pineapple, coconut, peach, hibiscus and honeysuckle…leaving your little one smelling like a freshly decorated pavlova in no time.

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