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Chocolate Mud Pies

We've all experienced the sandy, gritty and tasteless disappointment of biting into a mud-pie at some stage of our lives... such a cruel realisation that things don’t always taste as good as they look. But now we must retrain our brains for these chocolate moose, gummy-worm infused Mud Pies from Raspberri Cupcakes... These lovely little treats will leave you wanting to eat dirt all day. Yummy! Grab the recipe for yourself here.

30 May 2015 recipechocolatewildernessgarden [comment_count]
Little Baby

Ladybug & Boo

This is the first in a series of Bugaboo inspired style spreads we'll be posting over the coming weeks as part of The Discover Diaries. We hope you enjoy them!
1. Ladybird rattle from Supernana. 2. Vegetable rattles from Yellow Label Kids. 3. Find the perfect bugaboo pal with this lovely ladybug from Colette Bream. 4. Keep snacks cool with these cute garden lunchbox chillers from Little & Loved. 5. The Bugaboo Buffalo with a sand coloured base and red top. Perfect for chasing ladybugs. 6. Red spotted blanket from Organics for Kids. 7. Soft knitted leafy leaf also from the clever Colette Bream. 8. Organic cotton lunch bag from Little & Loved.

27 Oct 2013 gardenstylebugaboo [comment_count]

Mud Cake

Bring to life any chocolate slice or cupcake with the addition of these perfect little sugar sprouts from mimicafe Union. Arrange them just right and you’ll feel like you’re digging into a piece of your own back garden!

26 Oct 2013 gardenrecipe [comment_count]
Homeware Spreads

Round & Round the Garden...

1. DIY apple garland from A Nest For All Seasons. 2. Garlic print by Les Joues Grises. 3. Brocoli toy from Ikea. 4. Mushroom clock by Decoylab. 5. Beetle Entomology Tapestry by R.H Baby & Child. 6. Hedgehog pillow from By Nord. 7. Ladybird pillow from By Nord. 8. Butterfly pillow also from By Nord. 9. Crochet vegetable baby rattles by Freja Toys. 10. Neep the turnip from Donna Wilson. 11. Greta bed from Loaf. 12. Knit your own vege patterns from Phildar. 13. Green rug from Ikea. 14. Sidney the snail by Donna Wilson. 15. Mole bedside table from Loaf.

25 Oct 2013 homewaresgarden [comment_count]
The stylemakers

Style Maker - Kids On The Moon

Kids on the Moon is a dreamlike collection of children's clothing that takes inspiration from the unlimited imagination of childhood. 

The idea behind the brand comes from walking on rooftops and watching the stars, from space and dreaming and fantasy. Their motto is 'no gravity' as just like space or a child's imagination, they see no limit to creativity...

24 Oct 2013 style makersgarden [comment_count]