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Round & Round the Garden...

1. DIY apple garland from A Nest For All Seasons. 2. Garlic print by Les Joues Grises. 3. Brocoli toy from Ikea. 4. Mushroom clock by Decoylab. 5. Beetle Entomology Tapestry by R.H Baby & Child. 6. Hedgehog pillow from By Nord. 7. Ladybird pillow from By Nord. 8. Butterfly pillow also from By Nord. 9. Crochet vegetable baby rattles by Freja Toys. 10. Neep the turnip from Donna Wilson. 11. Greta bed from Loaf. 12. Knit your own vege patterns from Phildar. 13. Green rug from Ikea. 14. Sidney the snail by Donna Wilson. 15. Mole bedside table from Loaf.

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Little Baby & Products we love

Marvelous Moustaches

The Mr Moustache baby-mobile will have your little one drifting off into a magical dreamland of marvelous moustaches in no time. All the best whiskers will be there for them to meet…Tom Selleck, Fu Man Chu, Charlie Chaplin, maybe even Mr Albert Einstein! Find out more about these delightful mobiles here.

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Homeware Spreads

A Gentleman's Abode

1. Mr. Moustache gold mobile by Jäll & Tofta. 2. Black Moustache wooden book ends from My Gift Tree. 3. Dark orange throw from Ikea. 4. Black & white throw from Ikea. 5. Beige throw also from Ikea. 6. Moustache man print by Sofie Rolfsdotter. 7. Moustache pillow from Zazzle. 8. Balthazar the Magician by Blabla Kids. 9. Brown teak table by Lalinde. 10. Alarm clock by Areaware. 11. Black & white low pile rug from Ikea. 12. Melon bed by Dutailier. 13. Moustache rug from Wireless.

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Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

Dreaming of Trees

1. Poster from Mini Empire. 2. Moose head coat hanger from Purnorsk. 3. Black felt bear by Needle & Felt. 4. Felt barn owl also by Needle & Felt. 5. Tree printed baby blanket from Fine Little Day. 6. Doe lamp by Egmont. 7. Yellow tree printed pillow case by Fine Little Day. 8. Log as part of a set from Polar Bear Creations. 9. Raccoon pillow from Urban Outfitters. 10. Deer rattle by Sebra. 11. Stem tree coat stand from Design By Them. 12. Black cow hide from Ikea. 13. Sparrow cot in birch from Oeuf.

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By Nord

By gosh By Nord have some beautiful things. If you’re into Scandinavian style like us, you will absolutely love this Danish homewares brand. Simplicity, functionality and skilled manufacturing are typical characteristics of Danish design, and these amazing duvet covers from By Nord boast all three of these qualities...

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Products we love

Wolf Stools

Take your eye off these wonderful Wolf Stools from Takumi Kohgei for just a minute and they are sure to take a few quick waddles around the room. When you look back they will be perfectly still of course. So you’ll be left looking like the boy who cried wolf.

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Products we love

Light Me Up

Talk about having a light bulb moment, designer Boris Klimek has totally smashed it with these balloon inspired down lights. Perfect for a kid’s room or nursery, the lights are available in three sizes and can be used as either ceiling or wall lights. Turn them on and off using the hanging cord, how fun! Available to purchase here.

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