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Little Spaces - Freja’s Room

There comes a time in every adult’s life that we must stop and ask ourselves, ‘What would Freja do?’… Well to tell you the truth, she’d probably dance around on her bed covered in glitter listening to rock music. And that’s what you should do too...

08 Feb 2015 kids rooms [comment_count]

Ziggy Stardust

We all hope to influence our children’s music choices a little. You know, steer them away from the Biebers of the world and into the awesome clutches of David Bowie...

07 Feb 2015 lightningtoys [comment_count]
Homeware Spreads

A Storm In My Room

1. 'You are my sunshine' print by Eef Lillemor. 2. Lightning bolt wall decals from One Hundred Percent Heart. 3. Mini pendant in slate by Winston. 4. 'Here I Come' print from edit and vivo. 5. Lightning bolt wall hooks from The Wall Collective. 6. Lightning neon cushion from Ferm Living. 7. 'Be Kind' wall decal by Shanna Murray. 8. 'Bad Eye Lilly' from Lucky Boy Sunday. 9. Cloud cushion from Noodoll. 10. Shanty lamp by Paul Loebach. 11. Caravan converted cot from Kalon. 12. Knitted yellow pouf from CB2. 13. Grey cloud blanket from Donna Wilson. 14. Pinwheel rug from Armadillo & Co.

05 Feb 2015 homewareslightning [comment_count]