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We’ve got eight of our best high fives lined up for the creator of these surreal Octopus Chandeliers. Inspired by sea adventures, gaudy antique ornaments and interior design, Adam Wallacavage is best known for these outrageous light fixtures that combine traditional art nouveau motifs with a big imagination...

14 Jun 2014 oceanlights [comment_count]
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Full of Light

Life’s a beach with these brilliant beach ball lights from Tobyhouse. Playful and super summery, these fabulous down lights are rendered from actual inflated beach balls! Rock hard on the inside, but soft and bouncy on the outside, you’ll need to control yourself and resist giving them a big whack every now and then.

26 Jan 2014 seasidehomewareslights [comment_count]
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Light Me Up

Talk about having a light bulb moment, designer Boris Klimek has totally smashed it with these balloon inspired down lights. Perfect for a kid’s room or nursery, the lights are available in three sizes and can be used as either ceiling or wall lights. Turn them on and off using the hanging cord, how fun! Available to purchase here.

05 Oct 2013 balloonshomewareslights [comment_count]
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The Colour of Light

This CMYK Lamp, created by Dennis Parren in 2011, is no ordinary lamp. Made up of a main white light source, with three coloured LEDs, it casts shadows in cyan, magenta and yellow. Playing with light and colour, the CMYK lamp brings a whole new spectrum of colours to a room that an ordinary lamp never could.

11 May 2013 rainbowshomewareslights [comment_count]