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Magic Tricks with @chloeuberkid

The kids like nothing better than putting on a show, and a magic one is their favourite kind! Satch wears Gardner and the Gang sweatshirt, Kitty in Gardner and the Gang dress, and Nor_folk The Wonder Years t-shirt. Raffy in Gardner and The Gang leggings and Nor_folk The Wonder Years t-shirt. Bobo Choses Towels from ScandiMini. Poster by Miniwilla. Mr Black Crochet mouse by LeggyBuddy. Mickey and Smurf Artoyz from Four Monkeys. Kukkia gumball machine from Abacus Kids.


Shadow Play

A long afternoon spent with your shadow is usually a fun one. There is plenty of dancing, chasing, jumping, and contorting, and if you’re really lucky and the sun is setting at just the right angle, your shadow will completely bend your mind by allocating you with a set of the longest legs known to mankind...

Homeware Spreads

Magic In My Room

1. 'The hat' poster from Walnut & Walrus. 2. 'Fables Hedvig Hibernates' print from Swiden Design. 3. Mini Pendant light from Winston. 4. Balthazar toy from Blabla. 5. Mr Bowlerman mobile from Flensted Nursery Mobiles. 6. Cushion cover from Lucky Boy Sunday. 7. Reversible cot blanket from Jamie Kay. 8. Triangle wall decals from Wall Effect. 9. Lightning bolt wall hook from The Wall Collective. 10. Grey stool from Malmo. 11. A4 drawers from Plyroom. 12. Singolo Single bed from Plyroom. 13. Felt petal bunting from Homely Creatures. 14. Ziggy Black Bean Bag from Woouf. 15. Wooden toy car from Kiko+. 16. Black wire bin from Menu. 17. Poltrona storage seat from Plyroom.

Little Baby & Products we love

Mr Magic

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is the oldest trick in a magician's book. But little did we know, a rabbit and a top hat also make for a very cute nursery mobile indeed. Made with 100% recycled paper, this delightful structure is perfectly weighted to twist and twirl subtly with the breeze...