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Soft as Stone

Inspired by nature these fanciful Living Stone pillows from Smarin allow you to create a serene riverbed in your own home. Nestle big stones with little pebbles, or scatter them around willy-nilly. The more stones you have the better they look… and the more fun it is for little bodies to hide away underneath...

10 Dec 2013 mountainspillowpoufshomewares [comment_count]
Products we love

Sitting Summit

Sit back, relax and laze your way to the summit of Sweden’s highest mountain. The spectacular Kebnekaise Mountain sits 2100m high in the north of Sweden, and now thanks to Little Red Stuga, also casually in your living room. A brilliant centrepiece for any playroom, we love how the peak shifts and moves around so it never looks the same.

09 Dec 2013 mountainshomewares [comment_count]