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Be a Vegetarian

We love chowing down on a big bowl of veggies, and we love it when our children do too. This cute little animation created by Glossy Rey might help with our promotional plight as it features a cast of loony animals on a mission to become vegetarians. Bon appetite!

03 Mar 2015 moviebears [comment_count]

Cookie TV

The best recipe for a recipe is a sweet little film. Starring three gorgeous sisters, Maude, Betty and Olive Blair, this short film from Olive Us is interactive, engaging and adorable, not to mention highly informative. Oh how yummy those delicious Snoball cookies look too. We wish all recipes were this fun to follow...

11 Aug 2014 recipesnowmovie [comment_count]
Brands we love

Into the Wild

Head into the wild with this lovely little film from Aarrekid. An eco-friendly brand from Finland, Aarrekid produces creative but comfortable garments in organic materials and quirky prints. "Aarrekid is an eco-friendly brand for the imaginative child we treasure most." And this sweet movie captures that ethos perfectly.

16 May 2014 wild thingsmoviestyle [comment_count]

My Favourite Animal Project

This great clip is from the My Favourite Animal project, a series of animations created by Lara Lee, a London-based illustrator and director. Each animation is voiced by a different child describing their favourite animal, and Lara draws the animal in accordance to what the child says so that the animal grows with the description. The outcome is very humorous indeed...

21 Apr 2014 lines & stripesmovie [comment_count]