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Glow Dough

What sounds more delightful than spending an afternoon playing with Glow Dough. The clever folk at Play At Home Mom have devised a way to make regular play dough even better. With the addition of some Neon Paint and a black light Glow Dough comes to life, creating an other worldly experience that will have little faces beaming.

16 Jun 2013 neoncrafts [comment_count]
Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

Glow Sticks & Lullabies

1. Pom pom garland from Mimosette. 2. Powder coated wire lampshades from Koskela. 3. Neon art from Miranda Skoczek. 4. Fluro Spot Print by Rachel Castle. 5. Embroidered Ball available from Serendipity. 6. Fluro Yellow Spot Pillowcase from Castle. 7. Neon pink bedding from the wonderful Noé & Zoë. 8. Find the perfect place for toys with this Mimosette Crochet Basket. 9. Molly n Me neon pink Cuckoo Clock. 10. Neon bedding from Noé & Zoë. 11. Neon Knit Cushion from Freedom. 12. Atsuyo et Akiko x Jess Brown pink doll, available at Kido Store. 13. Neon Yellow Holy Stool. 14. Kalon Caravan Cot available in a range of colours. 15. Noé & Zoë Baby Blanket. 16. Brightly coloured wooden giraffe by Dwell Studio. 17. Geometric Neon Art Blocks from Sketch Inc.

16 Jun 2013 homewaresneonnoé and zoë [comment_count]
Art and Design

Neon Walls

Henriëtte van’t Hoog’s large, brightly coloured art installations, use painted representations of simple shapes and three-dimensional structures to draw in the viewer. Always striving to create something new and unexpected, she often plays with perspective, combining both flat and three-dimensional objects and brings these to life with vibrant colours to create a truly unique spacial experience...

14 Jun 2013 art and designneon [comment_count]
Art and Design

Welcome to Candyland

The great mind behind Pip & Pop, Tanya Schultz, spends her days living like a modern day Willy Wonka. She transports us to a world of rolling sugared hills and candy mountains, where brightly coloured neon balls grow from the sweet earth and turrets of dyed sugar glisten on the horizon...

13 Jun 2013 neonart and design [comment_count]