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Goodnight Moon

Every now and then, when everyone else is tucked in and sleeping, the moon himself gets a few moments of shut eye. And this gorgeous Goodnight Moon Cushion from Studio Meeze is proof. Made with soft knitted in wool, this little guy if perfect for cuddling, playing, gift-giving, sleeping and decorating.

30 Jun 2014 moonpillow [comment_count]
Products we love

Soft as Stone

Inspired by nature these fanciful Living Stone pillows from Smarin allow you to create a serene riverbed in your own home. Nestle big stones with little pebbles, or scatter them around willy-nilly. The more stones you have the better they look… and the more fun it is for little bodies to hide away underneath...

10 Dec 2013 mountainspillowpoufshomewares [comment_count]

Comfort Food

Teach your children to love the almighty carrot with these amazing giant crochetedveggie cushions. Kicking it with the carrot there’s a larger than life red-ripe tomato and huge slice of watermelon, both of which look just as fun...

21 Oct 2013 gardentoyspillow [comment_count]