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Huggable Letters

Get up close and personal with your ABCs with this oversize alphabet set. Hug them, dance with them, jump all over them. Or just lay them flat and spell with them. By gosh if you can find a gigantic bowl and spoon set you could even make alphabet soup with them...

11 Sep 2013 alphabethomewarespillow [comment_count]
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Pillows of Pythons

Sssleep well with these beautiful python inspired pillows. 1. Trina Turk ikat inspired pillow. 2. Stunning embroidered Double Snake Pillow. 3. Add crystals of colour with this Danny Ivan throw pillow. 4. Samantha Knapp Red Snake Pillow. 5. Geometric Atmosphere Pillow from Terry Fan. 6. Add a classic touch with this Railton Road Vintage Snake Print Pillow. 7. Sass and Belle Snake Cushion, the perfect couch companion. 8. Brasilia Snake Pillow from Jonathan Adler. 9. Trina Turk Ojai Pillow in Blue.

08 Jun 2013 snake charmerspillowhomewares [comment_count]