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Bee Happy

It’s rather amazing that without the wee little bee humbly beavering away, our entire existence could come crashing to a halt. In this series of beautiful hand-drawn prints by London-based illustrator Amyisla, we are all encouraged to plant more flowers in an effort to keep the world’s bees a buzzing...

08 Oct 2014 bugs & butterfliesprintsart and design [comment_count]
Art and Design

Blooming Beautiful

Seeing flowers for more than just they are is a tough challenge given what divine specimens they are in their natural form. But when a bunch of blossoming blooms are coupled with a selection of hand-illustrated woodland critters, the results are even more beautiful. These lovely flower prints from Kari Herer are available to purchase here.

30 Aug 2014 flowersprints [comment_count]
Art and Design

Snowy Woods

Hanging at eye level in the perfect window-esque style of frame, this limited edition print by Four Wet Feet Design could easily lull you into thinking you’re gazing through the window of cozy cabin in Scotland. Aptly titled ‘Birch Woods in Winter’ this beautiful print is available to purchase here.

22 Aug 2014 snowprints [comment_count]
Art and Design

The Forest

Get lost in a tangle of branches, twigs and twines with this magical fairy-tale forest print by Cecilia Pettersson. Exploring the intricate details of a beautiful forest in black and white, instead of the typical green and brown hues, is both dramatic and enchanting. This stunning print is available to purchase from Fine Little Day.

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Art and Design

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

This very pretty print from May and Belle reminds us of starring down the barrel of a magical kaleidoscope, only the beautiful pastel colours are much more subtle and soothing. A simple, original and unique print, we think it would make the perfect gift for a little someone.
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