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Zoo in My Hand

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy. And this delightfully colourful book, designed by Sunkyung Kim, is definitely one of those things. Zoo In My Hand is made up of forty pages of coloured paper, each page containing an outline of a different animal with its name alongside. At first glance the book almost appears to be empty, but add a pair of scissors and watch the magic happen. A colourful menagerie pops up before your very eyes.

06 May 2013 booksrainbows [comment_count]
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The Colour Spectrum

Available in nearly every colour under the sun, these stunning Spectrum chairs and tables from Katoji bring colour and light to any setting. With natural wood legs set against tinted acrylic, light will dance and change as it filters through to the surfaces below. So good, you will want to take them everywhere with you.

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