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Pina Colada Donuts @vickiee_yo

When I think of Tropicana, pineapples are one of the first things that pop into my mind. Combining them with the increasingly popular donut just seemed like the sensible thing to do! These Pina Colada donuts in the form of pineapples are baked, making them an easier and healthier alternative to fried donuts – a perfect treat for summer (or all year round)!


Mmmoon Pie

Nothing is as fun as sneaking into the kitchen in the dead of the night for a naughty midnight snack. When the refrigerator door swings open and bathes your sleepy face with it’s humming, yellow light there is no better treat to reach for than a trusty Moon Pie. Two round delicious cookies, with marshmallow filling, dipped in chocolate. It’s the kind of stuff kids dream of… and adults sleepwalk for. Grab the delicious recipe from Tidy Mum here