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Healthy Gummy Bears

We are in love with these delightful all-natural gummy treats by the clever folk at Sweet Peanut. Made with real fruit and unrefined sugar these sweet yummy gummy bears are not only delicious but completely guilt-free...

01 Sep 2013 ecorecipe [comment_count]

Teddy Bear Bread

Not a lot needs to be said about this delightful recipe from La Receta Da La Felicidad. The simplicity and adorability of these iddy-biddy teddy bear buns really speak for themselves. Our only concern is that they are far too cute to eat!

24 Aug 2013 bearsrecipe [comment_count]

A Teddy Bears Picnic

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise... We can’t think of a better treat than these Chocolate Beehive Cupcakes from Sweetopia to delight a frolicking flock of picnicking Teddy Bears. Find out how to whip up a batch for your own little guys right here.

22 Aug 2013 bearsrecipecupcakes [comment_count]

Sugared Stars

These delicious looking stars are from one of our sweet making favourites, Carnets Parisiens. Very easy to make, "All you have to do it to mix the dough, spread it out, cut out the forms and glaze it". And if they taste anything like they look, you will be in for a treat.

08 Jul 2013 starsrecipe [comment_count]