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Exotic Carpet

This divine Tiger Rug from Antik Batik would be perfect sprawled in front of an imaginary roaring fire inside of an imaginary cabin in the woods. And in the real world, we think it would look just grand placed smack-bang in the middle of your little one’s room.

09 Mar 2014 lions & tigershomewaresrugs [comment_count]
Products we love

Fox Underfoot

These gorgeous felt animal rugs from Sew Heart Felt are made by shaping organic Tibetan wool with soap, water and hand pressure. They are then left to slowly dry under the Nepalese sun before friendly faces are skillfully needle felted to finish the cosy rugs. Designed in England and beautifully hand made in Kathmandu, the Sew Heart Felt collection provides sustainable, traditional work for women in rural Nepal.

02 May 2013 foxeshomewaresrugsfelt [comment_count]