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A Collection of Trinkets

1. Beautiful handwoven Mochila Bags by Intiq available from J.Crew. 2. Wooden Slide Whistle from The Land Of Nod. 3. Flower bead bracelet from The Children's Place. 4. Seed Heritage Grosgrain Bow. 5. Bowlace diamond Bracelet from denicheuse. 6. Fabulous Knitted Peruvian serpent from Alpaca Pie. 7. Children will have hours of fun making music with these wonderful Striped Maraca's. 8. Polder Sinai Bracelets. 9. Striped Maraca in blue, green and yellow. 10. Lovely little trinkets from The Children's Place. 11. Wooden Tambourine from The Land Of Nod, the perfect way to jingle through the afternoon.12. Beautiful Bear Boy from Abigail Brown, a wonderful music companion.

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Pillows of Pythons

Sssleep well with these beautiful python inspired pillows. 1. Trina Turk ikat inspired pillow. 2. Stunning embroidered Double Snake Pillow. 3. Add crystals of colour with this Danny Ivan throw pillow. 4. Samantha Knapp Red Snake Pillow. 5. Geometric Atmosphere Pillow from Terry Fan. 6. Add a classic touch with this Railton Road Vintage Snake Print Pillow. 7. Sass and Belle Snake Cushion, the perfect couch companion. 8. Brasilia Snake Pillow from Jonathan Adler. 9. Trina Turk Ojai Pillow in Blue.

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Funny Faces

These fantastic Funny Faces from Cochae are a fantastic little piece of design. Founded by Yosuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda, Cochae takes the art of tradtional oragami and paper folding to another level with their wacky and unique designs. Winning a presitious Good Design award in 2008, Funny Face is ther perfect antidote to a dull afternoon. With the numerous funny face cards inside each pack, you can create any face you choose by simply folding the paper. So get folding....

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Art and Design

Creative Showcase - Beastman

Influenced by nature and the beauty it contains, Beastman creates stunningly detailed works using repetitive geometric patterns. Depicting beastlike yet beautiful characters that sit like deities upon the wall, Beastman is one of the most distinctive emerging artists in Australia. His works have been exhibited extensively in many countries and have captured attention worldwide...

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A Pile of Poufs

Traditionally round in form and made up of geometric pieces of fabric, Poufs are wonderful little seats. Small enough to be stowed in a corner, and available in every colour and shape under the sun, they are the perfect addition to any space. Here we have put together a collection of our favourite poufs...

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