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Explosion of Colour

Currently based in Berlin, artist Katharina Grosse's work fills galleries with an explosion of colour. Expressing herself not only in traditional painting techniques, Grosse plays with scale and dimension to create her more experimental works. Celebrating colour, form and scale, the viewer is invited to explore the space in and around her installations...

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Homeware Spreads

A Room of Dots

1. Spotted throw from Kido Store. 2. 'Mint bow & the dots' pillow cover from Envelop. 3. Dot Stitch Pillows from Anthroplogie. 4. Candy string by Lucky Boy Sunday. 5. Wind-up music ball from Safari Living. 6. Molecule building set from Ferm Living. 7. Circle print from Annaka Bazaar. 8. Juggling bear print also from Annaka Bazaar. 9. Black and white pillow cover from Whitlock and Co. 10. Cylinder cushion from Ferm Living. 11. Pink cylinder cushion also from Ferm Living. 12. Knitted pouf from CB2. 13. Dotted Kiki chair from Anthropologie. 14. Kalon Echo Toddler Bed from Fawn and Forest. 15. Circle garland by Oeuf.

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To see and do

A Playground Like No Other

This is certainly no ordinary playground… These incredibly colourful, knitted play ‘sculptures’ were created by the talented textile artist, Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam for the Takino Suzuran National Park in Japan. Knitting her projects by hand, Toshiko has created many amazing pieces of ‘public art for kids’, entertaining large numbers of children across the globe, and bridging the gap between art and play…

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Art and Design

Princess of Polka Dots

Yayoi Kusama has been creating stunning works for the past 60 years, and is one of the most exciting artists working today. Covering many creative faucets, encompassing film-making, painting, drawing, sculpture, fashion, performance and public specacles (or 'happenings' as she refers to them), Kusama really is a talent to be reckoned with...

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