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Too Cool Stool

Take a load off my friend and pull up one of these gorgeous Alice Stools from French Children’s Interior brand Rose in April. We love the simple design and beautiful pastel colour way, especially on the legs, which look like they are wearing a cute trio of socks. Available for purchase here.

27 Jun 2014 colourhomewaresstoolschairs [comment_count]
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Wolf Stools

Take your eye off these wonderful Wolf Stools from Takumi Kohgei for just a minute and they are sure to take a few quick waddles around the room. When you look back they will be perfectly still of course. So you’ll be left looking like the boy who cried wolf.

07 Oct 2013 wildernessstoolshomewares [comment_count]
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The Perfect Stool

Make your child's life complete with a handy stool to climb into the pantry and nick the chocolate bickies... we've tracked down a delightful array of stools to help them along on their mischievous adventures...

02 Jun 2013 stoolshomewares [comment_count]