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A Collection of Trinkets

1. Beautiful handwoven Mochila Bags by Intiq available from J.Crew. 2. Wooden Slide Whistle from The Land Of Nod. 3. Flower bead bracelet from The Children's Place. 4. Seed Heritage Grosgrain Bow. 5. Bowlace diamond Bracelet from denicheuse. 6. Fabulous Knitted Peruvian serpent from Alpaca Pie. 7. Children will have hours of fun making music with these wonderful Striped Maraca's. 8. Polder Sinai Bracelets. 9. Striped Maraca in blue, green and yellow. 10. Lovely little trinkets from The Children's Place. 11. Wooden Tambourine from The Land Of Nod, the perfect way to jingle through the afternoon.12. Beautiful Bear Boy from Abigail Brown, a wonderful music companion.

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Style spreads

Little Charmer

1. Charm them with this Mini Rodini Snake Sweatshirt. 2. Have eyes in the back of your head with Oeuf NYC Eyes Hat. 3. Mini Rodini Tiger Sunglasses. 4. Marrakech Tank from Nico Nico. 5. Mesmerising matching Eye Mittens from Oeuf NYC. 6. Emile et Ida Mukesh skirt in caramel. 7. A charming wooden companion from Woodix Toys. 8. J.Crew Leopard Boots from Tada Shop. 9. Cambridge Metallic Satchel available at J.Crew.

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Pulling Faces

1.Get an extra set of eyes with Oeuf NYC Glasses Sweater. 2. Keep it cool in BonLook sunnies, created in collaboration with Bleubird. 3. A Crown for the crown from Oeuf NYC. 4. Corby Tindersticks Line-Up T-Shirt. 5. Anais and I Baby Bloomers. 6. Warm hands with Caramel Baby & Child Mittens. 7. Brother Vellies Shoes, for smart little feet. 8. Hansal From Basel Socks. 9. Faces Cushion by Hazel Stark.

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