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Little Baby & Brands we love

Little Kings

If there was a super-baby and they were about to save the world, these are the shoes they would wear. We recently discovered these awesome shoes from Little Kings and are already obsessed! Handmade from soft natural materials such as leather, felt or fabric, each pair is truly unique...

09 Feb 2014 stylesuperheroes [comment_count]
Art and Design

Super Prints

Just one look is all it takes for us to fall completely in love with a sidekick kitten. And we’ve done it again! These sassy prints from Orange You Lucky will brighten up your day, and of course any room you hang them in. The superhero designs are just one of many marvellous finds from Helen Dardik’s full collection – check them all out right here.

07 Feb 2014 superheroesprintsart and design [comment_count]

Cities in a Bag

Every super hero needs a city to save; and these MUJI ‘Cities In A Bag’ mean a city can be saved anytime, anywhere. Just think up a plot, decide on your super hero’s powers, create an evil nemesis and hey presto, you are in the super hero business...

04 Feb 2014 superheroestoysblocks [comment_count]
Homeware Spreads

A Super Room

1. Masked cat print from Paper Plane Store. 2. Superman string lights from Urban Outfitters. 3. Vegas boneyard star light from Fromage La Rue. 4. Bright idea light from Urban Outfitters. 5. Lightening pillow by Ferm Living. 6. Alarm clock by Areaware. 7. Batman pillow from Zaradiy. 8. 'Be' pillow from Urban Outfitters. 9. Teak play chair from The Land Of Nod. 10. Night time pillow case from Pop Factory Shop. 11. Superhero doll from Dents De Loup. 12. Sunday Sunshine bed from Domayne. 13. Yellow desk lamp from Fenton & Fenton. 14. Blue side table also from Fenton & Fenton. 15. Super quilt from The Land Of Nod. 16. Super sham also from The Land Of Nod. 17. Armadillo & Co rug from Talo Interiors.

03 Feb 2014 homewaressuperheroes [comment_count]
Art and Design

Bat Cat

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait it’s Bat Cat! We couldn't resist sharing these charming illustrations from the talented Ella Bailey. Based in the UK she has sketching little creatures and little people down pat. Check out her wonderful world Ella Bailey.

02 Feb 2014 superheroesart and design [comment_count]