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Deco Deco beds from BB+++

Beautiful simplicity is what came to mind as we spent an entire afternoon gushing over these stylish Deco Deco beds from BB+++. Contemporary and practical, we love the clean lines, soft colours and low sea level design – a perfect first ‘big bed’ for little bodies...

06 Apr 2014 homewaresbeds [comment_count]

Free Printable - Little Swan Masks

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a graceful swan parading around the park? Well now you can find out with these fun free printable swan masks brought to you by Little gatherer. Simple to make and fun to wear, these sweet little masks are the perfect way to fill an afternoon...

03 Apr 2014 printablesswan lake [comment_count]
Homeware Spreads

Where Swans Rest

1. Little twigs wall mirror from The Land Of Nod. 2. Hanging light from Serendipity. 3. Paper wings from Serendipity. 4. Wooden word from Wood Be Jewels. 5. Oskar change station and drawers from XO In My Room. 6. Little swan from Abigail Brown. 7. Dot Stitch pillow from Anthropologie. 8. Swan pillow from Susigrafie. 9. Golden princess crown from Numero 74. 10. Eden bed from Incy Interiors. 11. Organic toddler bedding from Colette Bream. 12. Star bean bag from Nobodinoz. 13. Felt slippers from Little Ewes Friend. 14. Brass basket from Seredipity. 15. Soft Ottoman from Lilly & Lolly.

30 Mar 2014 homewaresswan lake [comment_count]
Art and Design

The Swan

Coral-pink on mint or mint on coral-pink, whichever way you roll, The Swan print by Evie Kemp is pretty special. Striking a delicate balance between delicate illustration and retro-inspired graphical elements, these prints are real statement pieces certain to command attention in any room. Each print is signed, dated and printed on beautiful 300 gsm finely textured, chlorine free white paper.

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