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Have you ever wondered what baby dinosaurs played with in the land before time? Why, a set of handsomely crafted wooden dinosaur figurines of course! Just like these lil’ beauties from modern Australian design company, Go Home.

08 Sep 2014 toysdinosaurs [comment_count]
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Woolly Wisdom

We are pretty sure that as soon as the lights go out these friendly fellows must come to life, and start to spin a yarn or two to those eagerly listening little ears lying beneath. Old, wise and seen it all before, we think they’d have some entertaining answers to those infamous toddler inquiries. These lovable creatures from RH Baby and Child. are made with 100% merino wool and are mounted on a wood plaque.

17 Aug 2014 homewaresanimalsfelttoys [comment_count]

Trunk Roller

There is no junk in the trunk of this beautifully handcrafted ride-on car from Riva 1920. Made from a gorgeous lump of nature’s finest cedar, this children’s car has an unforgettable silhouette and scent. Your little one will love the smooth ride and have their little legs revving as fast as Fred Flinestone’s as soon as they saddle up...

31 Jul 2014 treestoysride on [comment_count]

A Mansion on the Moon

If we were to live on the moon, we can think of no better abode than this humble little home from Boomini. Spacious, light and airy and finished with exquisite Scandinavian furnishings and fittings, we are ready to sign the lease and move in right now...

02 Jul 2014 toysdolls housesmoon [comment_count]

Wooden it be Nice

These petite wooden treasures from Pol-eno offer a refreshing take on the typical animal figurine. Striking, streamlined and natural, we think the whole tribe is completely adorable and we plan to adopt an entire clan for our own home...

08 May 2014 wild thingstoys [comment_count]