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Whiskers on Wheels

Ironic, fun and full of personality this moustache on wheels from SevenAcreToys is definitely not the type of ride you’d normally see Barbie rocking around on. But when she does, her street cred definitely goes up in our book. Made with beautiful American black walnut, each car is sanded, smoothed and finished with food-grade beeswax and mineral oil to ensure no one ends up with a nasty splinter.

20 Oct 2013 moustachestoys [comment_count]
Toys & Baby Toys

Rocking Sheep

This wooly little guy rocks. Literally. Danish Crafts’ Rocking Sheep are hand carved in wood and covered in genuine snuggly lambswool. Danish designer Povl Kjer made the very first Rocking Sheep for his niece as a humorous reminder of her parents’ rural background. If only all uncles were as cool as Uncle Povl.

18 Sep 2013 countrysiderockertoys [comment_count]

XYZ Blocks

A is for Afro, R is for Robot and H is for Hero. These charming XYZ Blocks from Fred & Friends are so much better than the typical variety. Stack them, spin them, spell with them – however you play with them, learning your ABCs has never been so much fun...

10 Sep 2013 alphabettoysblocks [comment_count]
Products we love

Creative Showcase - Lucky Boy Sunday

With backgrounds in fashion and art, Danish designers Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup started Lucky Boy Sunday in 2007. “We sat down on a bench by the lakes in copenhagen, shaking each other hands promising to design the best brand we could think of.” And we certainly think they have done just that. With works that hover between the everyday world of adults and the fantastical world of children, they have found the perfect balance of unusual in the ordinary...


Acne Jr Bears

These gorgeous Swedish Teddy Bears from Acne Jr give a traditional toy a fresh and modern makeover. Available in a variety of a fabrics, we love each and every one, especially the swaggin’ denim dandies who totally light up our lives with their smiling blue faces...

21 Aug 2013 bearstoys [comment_count]