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Lumber Slumber

Trunk, stump or branch… wherever you lay your weary head you are sure to sleep like a log with one of these original and organic pillows from Merowings. Textured, taunt and terribly life-like this quirky collection will bring a bit of nature back into any urban room.

04 Aug 2014 treeshomewarespillow [comment_count]
Rooms We Love

Little Spaces - Pyry's Room

This lovely little space is the perfect balance between chaos and calm. With pops of colour set against softer hues, Pyry's room is a lovely sanctuary that not only allows his imagination to run wild, but to also recuperate after a long day in the playground...

03 Aug 2014 spacestrees [comment_count]
Products we love

Tree Lined

When you step inside a room adorned wall to floor with a dramatic sea of wallpaper your eyes are immediately taken hostage. And if the dramatic feature has been accompanied with the perfect fittings and furnishings, the room itself can become a beautiful narrative that will steal away any imagination that greets it...

02 Aug 2014 homewarestrees [comment_count]

Trunk Roller

There is no junk in the trunk of this beautifully handcrafted ride-on car from Riva 1920. Made from a gorgeous lump of nature’s finest cedar, this children’s car has an unforgettable silhouette and scent. Your little one will love the smooth ride and have their little legs revving as fast as Fred Flinestone’s as soon as they saddle up...

31 Jul 2014 treestoysride on [comment_count]
Art and Design

The Forest

Get lost in a tangle of branches, twigs and twines with this magical fairy-tale forest print by Cecilia Pettersson. Exploring the intricate details of a beautiful forest in black and white, instead of the typical green and brown hues, is both dramatic and enchanting. This stunning print is available to purchase from Fine Little Day.

30 Jul 2014 treesart and designprints [comment_count]