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Many Faces

Creator Andy Rementer is based on the East Coast where he divides his time between drawing, cartooning, painting and animating. Faces is just one of his many creations. Face it, its awesome.

26 May 2013 facesvideo [comment_count]

Face Rhythmz

This fantastic little clip was made by Joe Bichard, an animator and illustrator based in London. Switch to full screen and you will find yourself unable to look away.

22 May 2013 facesvideo [comment_count]

The First Taste

Little Gatherer were lucky enough to attend TEDx Sydney over the weekend and came away inspired by all the great thinkers and speakers who took to the stage. A series of short films played during intervals, and we just had to share this sweet little clip about the reactions of little mouths to their first encounters with new tastes.

06 May 2013 video [comment_count]

F is for Fox

If this little fox video from Hank & Jona doesn't get you smiling, we don't know what will.

01 May 2013 foxesvideo [comment_count]