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The Woodland Explorer

We can see many an adventure being played out in this gorgeous Woodland Room. Once the lights go down and the fire has reduced to few smouldering embers, we predict the bear, the badger, the stag and the beautiful Swedish forest all coming to life while the brave little explorer tells stories under the dark night sky...

15 May 2014 homewaresplayroomwilderness [comment_count]
Homeware Spreads & Little Baby

Dreaming of Trees

1. Poster from Mini Empire. 2. Moose head coat hanger from Purnorsk. 3. Black felt bear by Needle & Felt. 4. Felt barn owl also by Needle & Felt. 5. Tree printed baby blanket from Fine Little Day. 6. Doe lamp by Egmont. 7. Yellow tree printed pillow case by Fine Little Day. 8. Log as part of a set from Polar Bear Creations. 9. Raccoon pillow from Urban Outfitters. 10. Deer rattle by Sebra. 11. Stem tree coat stand from Design By Them. 12. Black cow hide from Ikea. 13. Sparrow cot in birch from Oeuf.

12 Oct 2013 homewareswilderness [comment_count]

Into the Wilderness

These striking photographs were taken by Jens Haugen for the beautiful Norwegian children’s brand Jumina. Created for the brand’s 2012 Spring/Summer campaign, Haugen lists Norwegian forests, animals, mountains, lakes and Scandinavian fairy tales as the inspiration behind the shoot...

12 Oct 2013 wildernessphotography [comment_count]

Creative Showcase - Abigail Brown

When Abigail Brown started creating beautiful things for herself and friends she had no idea how loved her creations would become. Using fabric and stitches, Abigail brings to life whimsical creatures and stunning birds that seem to live between the real world and that of the imagination. Looking at each piece you can see the love and patience that is poured into every delicate stitch...

11 Oct 2013 wildernesscreative showcaseart and design [comment_count]