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Travel Chum

We all know travelling is much more fun when you share your adventure with a special chum, and thankfully no one will ever have to travel solo again thanks to these furry little guys...

11 Oct 2013 wildernesscrafts [comment_count]
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By Nord

By gosh By Nord have some beautiful things. If you’re into Scandinavian style like us, you will absolutely love this Danish homewares brand. Simplicity, functionality and skilled manufacturing are typical characteristics of Danish design, and these amazing duvet covers from By Nord boast all three of these qualities...

09 Oct 2013 wildernesshomewares [comment_count]
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Wolf Stools

Take your eye off these wonderful Wolf Stools from Takumi Kohgei for just a minute and they are sure to take a few quick waddles around the room. When you look back they will be perfectly still of course. So you’ll be left looking like the boy who cried wolf.

07 Oct 2013 wildernessstoolshomewares [comment_count]