Petting Zoo

A children’s app that will make you giggle and laugh as much as your little one, it must be magic! Our entire household is in love with this absolutely adorable app called Petting Zoo. Filled with 21 beautifully hand-illustrated animals, it is full of surprises and plenty of twists and turns thanks to some very clever animation...

Suitable for all ages and available to download from the app store now.

09 Mar 2015

Paint My Wings

When we were little tackers we would spend hours attempting to create the perfect butterfly by smooshing together a folded piece of paper filled with colourful paint and glitter. There is something so fun about colouring and creating butterflies…

Of course, there is nothing quite like the magic of working with real paint, but the situation isn't always fitting for getting out the brushes. So for all those other times we’ve just found the perfect iPad app, Paint My Wings from the clever folk at Tocaboca.

The app features three quirky butterflies with white wings and your little one can choose from an array of colors and brush textures to help fill in the blanks.

Their colouring automatically appears in mirror image on the left and right wings, which both fascinates little minds and helps to teach about symmetry. It’s a hit!

12 Feb 2015
bugs & butterflies
neon jungle

The Bedtime Book

There is nothing worse than battling away trying to get the children down to sleep. And it’s always the worst when their routine has been thrown out of whack by travel, special occasions, new environments etc...

Nighty Night is a cute new app for your iPad or iPhone that creates a little ritual out of bedtime that your little ones will actually enjoy. It involves cute animals, sweet lullabies and some cool narration… the perfect recipe for a good nights sleep.

The most genius part of the interactive story is that it puts the responsibility of getting a bunch of tired farm animals to sleep in the hands of your child. All around the house the lights go out, and in the barn the animals are tired and need help getting tucked into bed for a good nights sleep.

We’re not for putting the kids into bed with the ipad, god no. But this is a great little after bath and dinner wind down treat… so start the slumber wheels in motion. The app has won a bunch of awards and definitely worth checking out.

Nighty Night is available in 12 different languages from the app store.

12 Dec 2014

Call it Feite

We love it when we stumble upon a new app for the kids, particularly when it isn’t filled with pointless characters, furious hyper colours and maddening noises. This is why we couldn’t wait to share our new found favourite with you, Fiete – an interactive picture-book for toddlers...

Picture the soft sound of the ocean and seagulls flying over the horizon. Close by is our little bearded sailor friend called Fiete. With a friendly wave he salutes the children and the adventure begins.

Put the swiss cheese on toast, drop the apples in the basket and load the cargo onto a ship… these are just a few of the delightful tasks young players will face in the game. While it does take a little bit of coordination to master, even a baby as young as one can have fun moving the objects around.

With beautiful illustrations Feite offers a big interactive, adventurous playground with many activities for your little ones to discover. We can’t recommend it enough.

Learn more and download here.

11 Jun 2014

App - Pickle In Tweeter Land

We adore this new interactive children's book app, Pickle, the little bird who doesn't tweet. Filled with gorgeous watercolour illustrations and a delightful little tale about a little bird who cannot tweet, this is one app your children will just love...

Pickle can't tweet like the other birds in Tweeter land and all the other birds ignore poor Pickle because she's a little bit different.

The tale follows Pickle's journey as she discovers her very own source of sound and becomes a star!

The app allows you to explore the world of Tweeter land and to choose your very own Pickle adventure. The app is available through iTunes.

26 Oct 2013

App - Create a Monster

We've had hours of fun since discovering this fantastic Create a Monster app from Just Fun. Starting with a blank canvas you piece together your very own monster, perhaps with crazy green eyes, purple skin, charming teeth and a set of spectacles...

With zillions of monster features to choose from, Create a Monster encourages creativity in children, letting their imaginations run wild as they bring their very own monster to life.

08 Aug 2013


Drawnimal is a fantastic app for kids, encouraging them to learn the alphabet in a fun and easy way. By drawing around the device, children create interactive creatures that come to life on screen...

“The idea was born while my daughter and I played with an alphabet book. This book showed us how to build an origami-animal out of a paper letter. I wanted to bring a similar analog and funny learning experience to our daily digital devices.”

So get doodling and watch the magic happen.

21 Jul 2013

Toca Band

No carnival is complete without its very own band, and with Toca Band from Toca Boca you will be set for a fanfare of fun. An extremely enjoyable and easy to use app, Toca Band guides children through making their very own hit song...

Encouraging children to explore music in a new and creative way, you can play together with them mixing beats and sounds together and creating the perfect tune for any setting.

With 16 different cool characters to choose from, each with their own unique sound, kids will have hours of fun with this great app. So get mixing with Toca Band, and dance the day away.

27 Jun 2013
toca boca

Wee You-Things

Wee You-Things is a fantastic interactive book designed to encourage children to appreciate differences. Wee Society has created a whole new crew of characters to celebrate "you-things", the things that make everyone uniquely special and like no one else in the world.

24 May 2013

The Paper Fox

The Paper Fox is a new interactive story for children being developed by Bento Box Interactive. Following the story of a know-it all fox as he heads off on an adventure through a strange and beautiful land, The Paper fox is full of puzzles and maps for children to interact with along the way. The stunning visuals are really what sets The Paper Fox apart, with all of the imagery created in digital origami paper-craft.

04 May 2013