The Bedtime Book

There is nothing worse than battling away trying to get the children down to sleep. And it’s always the worst when their routine has been thrown out of whack by travel, special occasions, new environments etc...

Nighty Night is a cute new app for your iPad or iPhone that creates a little ritual out of bedtime that your little ones will actually enjoy. It involves cute animals, sweet lullabies and some cool narration… the perfect recipe for a good nights sleep.

The most genius part of the interactive story is that it puts the responsibility of getting a bunch of tired farm animals to sleep in the hands of your child. All around the house the lights go out, and in the barn the animals are tired and need help getting tucked into bed for a good nights sleep.

We’re not for putting the kids into bed with the ipad, god no. But this is a great little after bath and dinner wind down treat… so start the slumber wheels in motion. The app has won a bunch of awards and definitely worth checking out.

Nighty Night is available in 12 different languages from the app store.