In The Clouds with Aster & Oak

Float away on a cloud of cute with this gorgeous new range from Aster & Oak! Inspired by steampunk, but with a childhood twist each garment has a whimsical feel that is sure to have your little one beaming...

Created by Melissa, Aster & Oak is an Australian children’s clothing label that offers a truly unique range of clothing for the little ones in our lives. With completely hand illustrated prints this season plays on hot air balloons, carnival mystics, and softly lit clouds. Brimming with character, each piece is adorned in the most delightfully playful and whimsical prints, all individually illustrated by hand and coloured using natural based dyes.

The whole Aster & Oak range is also gentle on your little ones skin. After Melissa's personal experience with her own children's skin allergies she decided to make every Aster & Oak item eco-friendly, certified organic, and free from any nasty chemicals.

"Our vision was to create a range of clothing which was beautifully soft and as natural as possible whilst still maintaining a stylish and practical edge." Head on over to the Aster & Oak website to fall in love for yourself. The current range is now on SALE and this lovely new range launches early March... Exciting!

13 Feb 2018

Piccolo PR

With so many amazing brands getting off the ground, the story they tell and how they get their name out there is essential. Sydney based PR agency Piccolo PR has helped do just that for some of our favourite kids brands like Incy Interiors, Tutu Du Monde, Goose and Dust and Castle & Cubby. Director Sarah Cichy talks a little about what Piccolo PR strives for...

What inspired you to start Piccolo PR?
The launch of Piccolo was serendipitous actually. For years I wanted to create a specialist agency that caters for Kids and Design and the right opportunity presented itself to me at the right time in my life and I took a deep breath and just did it.

What do you love most about working with Kids Brands?
It fills us with so much joy, so much spirit and so much adventure. We get to work with child celebrities both locally and abroad and have organised photoshoots in remote parts of the world. I also get to work with a lot of mothers who have produced a product and they want me to tell their tale. It’s such a special part of my job to help their vision come to life.

What trends do you see emerging in the kids market?
I’m seeing a lot of boho-inspired pieces entering nursery and kid’s rooms of late. The popularity of clean and contemporary Scandi style is warming up with macramé and crochet such as Olli Ella’s hanging bassinet, which is a little ‘untamed’ and adds intrigue. It’s all about layers, natural materials and an element of the “hand-made.” We’re also becoming more plush with velvet applications- such as Incy Interior’s new Velvet Range. It’s bright, bolshy (and yes, I’m biased)- I have a velvet crush! It’s a bit lush.

In terms of clothing, we’re stepping back in time with vintage- inspired clothes, such as Oishi-m who unashamedly clashes colours and patterns together to create a collection sweeter than Jello!

What advice do you have for someone thinking about launching a children's brand?
Do your numbers. Check your finances and make decisions using a balance of figures and gut feel. Have a clear definition of what success looks like to you so you can map out how you’re going to get there. Most of all, have the confidence to back yourself and just give it a go.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A news reader. Night after night I would sit at the dinner table and rehearse a script to my parents (OMG. I’m blushing. How embarrassing?!).

14 Sep 2016
piccolo pr

A Very Chi Khi Christmas

Comfy, playful and super cool… that pretty much sums up the range from our latest brand crush, Chi Khi. Created by the multi-talented and gorgeous Natalie Bassingthwaighte, the range was inspired by her love of design and experience of being a mum to two very rad little people, Harper and Hendrix...

Made with bamboo cotton, the entire range is soft enough for the most sensitive of skin and when paired with a chic monochrome design, these awesome pieces are pretty hard to pass up.

Right now the team at Chi Khi are spreading the Yule Tide high and low with every only purchase over $30 receiving a free gift box and set of cards.

We asked the lovely Nat a few questions about Chi Khi...
What inspired you to start creating products for children?
I have always loved design, fashion and architecture, and since becoming a mum my whole perspective on life changed. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and I really felt like I wanted to challenge myself and see what I was capable of.

What do you love most about designing for kids?
It so much fun! I feel like there is a lot to consider for kids so that they feel comfortable, and yet still cool.

What do you think makes your brand stand apart?
We use bamboo but in a cool way. We are not too gender specific. We are trend driven with considered design, but we offer comfortable clothes for kids that are durable for parents.

What did you love most about being a kid?
The freedom to explore and develop friendships.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Oh my gosh! As a kid I tried gymnastics, physical culture, brownies, ballroom dancing, hockey, netball…. Mmm but I was really interested in Architecture. I remember drawing floor plans…. I did work experience as a primary school teacher. Which I loved!

If Chi Khi was a cupcake, what flavour would it be?
I was going to say red velvet because that is my fav. Yep red velvet it is!!

We highly recommend checking out the full Chi Khi range over on their website.

12 Dec 2015

Stylemaker - Lacey lane

Gorgeous children's brand Lacey Lane is a nod back to days of old, to beautifully fitted pieces, bloomers, frills and dainty little collars. In these sweet designs your little lady will look as cute as she is comfortable...

Lacey Lane is the brainchild of sister duo Nikki and Bek who, after failing to find the styles they imagined their little girls wearing, decided to launch their own brand. Now with a cult following, this brand has gone from strength to strength and today we talk to the pair about what makes Lacey Lane so successful...

What inspired you to start Lacey Lane?
Our babies and our love for getting creative. When our girls were little, we loved vintage-inspired designs and clothes. We had a vision of the way we wanted to dress our girls but couldn't find anything like it, so we decided to make it ourselves and then grew our business from there.

What do you love most about designing for kids?
I love that I'm lucky enough to base my work life around my kids. Plus I love the exciting moment when we launch a killer collection and see the positive response from our Lacey Lane tribe. Oh and spotting #laceylaners in the wild (as we call it).

What inspires your designs?
We definitely draw inspiration from vintage clothing and patterns. We love peter pan collars and high waisted suspenders and love our outfits short and perfectly fitted.

Where are some of your favourite kids brands?
Ummm can we say Lacey Lane? Haha I'm a lazy shopper and prefer to shop online. On the rare occassion Quinn & Fox, Bobo Choses.

What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
Run under the sprinkler in summer or playing slip & slide with the hose on the trampoline.

If Lacy lane were to create the ultimate milkshake, what flavour would it be?
You can't go past a good ol' fashion banana smoothie!

02 Apr 2015
style makers

Stylemaker - Gardner and the Gang

After traveling the world and living in many exotic locations, Swedish born Kristin Nystrom, eventually set up camp and called Singapore home. Her travels inspired her to become a maker, and she now spends her days making some of the raddest children's clothes we have ever laid eyes on. Her brand Gardner and the Gang mixes serious attitude with serious cuteness and we just love it...

We caught up with Kristin to find out more about her amazing brand...
What is your background?
I used to be a flight attendant on a private jet a loong time ago. Travel and cultures has always intrigued me. I spent years in different Middle eastern countries. When that period of my life was over I lived in Pakistan for a year (CONTRASTING). I really have so much to thank for my travels and appreciate all the different people that I have met.

When we arrived in Singapore nearly 8 years ago I decided to study and got my long overdue degree in Visual Communications. After that I set up my business, Mrs K, that did various Graphic Design jobs. When I had my first daughter I realised it was time to create something that I was totally in charge of, and having a child inspired me to get into the business of kids fashion.

I have always had a huge passion and interest for fashion so it seemed like the perfect fit to start a brand for kids where I implemented my silly illustrations. I LOVE my job and getting to be creative everyday. I am so thankful for all the experiences the traveling has given me but really feel now is where I have found what I really always wanted to do.

I feel like the fact that I have traveled so much and lived in many different countries helps in the creative process but also in meeting people, sourcing suppliers and in customer service. Gardner and the gang has not only given me the best job in the world for me but has also brought me great new friends and relationships.

What inspired you to start Gardner and the Gang?
My daughter and the fact that I felt I could contribute to the business.
What do you love most about designing for kids?
The positive vibes. I feel like I meet smiley faces everywhere.

What inspires your designs?
It can be anything really, but I like to think that I take inspiration from previous experiences, places I have been to, people that I have met and would also love it if the designs and little stories that are behind the designs gives a meaning to someone.

Where are your favourtie places to shop for kids in Singapore?
I really like Small and Cuckoo, two fairly new shops that have fashion and interior.
What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
Horse riding!! I am a country girl at heart and lived on a horseback pretty much.

You worked with the amazing @curated_by and @pics_missmaya on your latest range shoot, how did this come about?
"Meeting" virtually on Instagram with Renata aka. @curated_by and Maya @pics_missmaya has been such a success. We are three individuals that really work super great together and I feel they always do such an amazing job conveying my vision.

If Gardner and the Gang were to make the ultimate milkshake, what flavour would it be?
It would be a salty popcorn and chocolate milkshake!

18 Mar 2015
style makers

Stylemaker - Chocolate Einstein

When artist Nick Hernandez decided to transform his dynamic artworks into wearables for little people, the result was bound to be spectacular. His brand Chocolate Einstein is filled with quirky styles that kids love and that have their parents reminiscing about the duds they wore when they were young...

We asked Nick a few questions about his vibrant brand...
What is the idea behind your brand and how did it start?
It all came about when I broke my ankle and was ‘house bound’ for a period of time. I had been doing some sketches and a friend encouraged me to explore art. So I started painting. The rest followed!

Later someone said to me 'I would like to see what your artwork would look like as a fabric yardage' - it just made sense. So then began the process of creating Chocolate Einstein.

The designs are playful, fuelled by colour, shapes and symbols. The artwork is all completely original, I myself am a painter and it is a translation of the many artworks that I do. Each patterned garment is cut from a length of fabric making no two garments completely alike. I want children to be able to look unique and feel very comfortable. They are not gender bound; sitting outside of the traditions of many other children’s wear brands.

The pieces are all very practical too; they are designed to not only look cute and charismatic, but to also disguise any splotches that may occur. There is also (of course) the opportunity for parents to live vicariously through their children’s outfits! To my surprise, I am getting requests from parents asking if I can make certain garments in their size, I’ve made a couple so far and they look great.

What is your background?
My family is originally from South America, so we grew up in a vibrant and colourful home. I remember my brother and I painting all of our friends skateboard grip tape. I also taught hip-hop to kids in the neighbourhood from our 3-car garage! Work wise, I’ve done a bit of everything over the years, assisting photographers and stylists, production runner, scenic painter, hospitality, I’ve even restored furniture.

What do you love most about designing children swear?
I honestly have so much fun designing these clothes! I feel like with children’s clothing there are a less limitations in terms of colour and patterns. I think that’s probably the main reason my artwork translates so successfully into little peoples clothes! It also provides me the opportunity to be free with my creativity. And what I enjoy most is seeing the garments come to life when they’re on.

What inspires you?
First and foremost in life, my family are by far the biggest inspiration. Artistically, I am very easily inspired by so many things, photography, sculpture, film, music and just about anything that’s been hand made.

Also, tribal and indigenous artworks are a big influence. Big names like Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky, Herring, Reg Mombasa, Ken Done - the list goes on... I love artists who work fluidly, in bold line and colour.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I was a big daydreamer, throughout school I never really, truly knew what I wanted to be. When I was little, I wanted to be a pilot. On the weekends my mum and dad would drive me to airport to watch the aeroplanes take off.

If you were a kid in Sydney, where is the first place you'd go?
I actually grew up in Sydney during the 70’s & 80’s and some of my best memories are of heading to the beach, so that’s where I’d go.

What is your favourite kids movie of all time?
My all time favourite kids movie is without a doubt, hands down - The Goonies! I’m also a huge cartoon nerd, I love all of them anytime, anywhere – and anything by Studio Ghibli.

If Chocolate Einstein were to design the ultimate ice cream what would it look like?
A delicious Chocolate Sunset or you could try sharing with someone a Piece of Peace - take your pick!

16 Feb 2015
style makers
neon jungle

Stylemaker - Hubble + Duke

What do you get when you take three creative mums with eight kids between them and a whole lot of coffee? A beautiful collection of children's handmade leather Moccasins. Thats what!

Say hello to Hubble + Duke. A gorgeous brand created in Western Australia by Jo, Katie and Rosie, three clever mums with a great eye for design. Rosie is an Interior Architect, Jo has a marketing background and Katie actually studied philosophy at University but always had a keen interest in design.

With eight lovely children of their own (who are aged between 1 and 6) the idea for Hubble + Duke was created over coffees at the park on Hubble Street. "We have always sewn and created things for kids since having our own." So with a bucket load of passion and drive these three talented mumma's decided to create a business that would enable them to follow their dreams while at the same time work from home.

All of the Hubble + Duke Moccasins are handmade using 100% genuine leather and come range in sizes from newborns, to toddlers and even walkers. They are soft yet hardwearing making for happy little feet and happy mumma's. They have an elasticated opening which means they fit snuggly on little feet, and are easy to get on but tricky to kick off.

With such a great response Hubble + Duke now also offers a range of other lovely products, from golden leather crowns to gorgeous printed tees. We definitely recommend heading over to their website and letting the "ooohh and ahhhs" commence.

We caught up with the three wonderful mothers behind Hubble + Duke to find out what inspired their wonderful brand...
What inspired you to start Hubble + Duke?
Hubble + Duke started over a coffee and the noise of our eight children at the playground on Hubble Street. (Just near Duke St).

We were inspired by the online community of creative and entrepreneurial mums (mainly on Instagram) and dreamed of starting a dynamic children's brand. We hoped to create a business that would enable us to follow our passion while working together from our homes.

With all our kids ranging from one to six we never have to look far for gorgeous little ones to test our wares – our biggest girls are thrilled we’re doing larger sizes in our new clothing range!

What do you love most about designing products for kids?
The whole process! Making products that are classic, comfortable and look beautiful! We love making pieces that appeal to mothers with style, but are also super comfy for babies and kids!

What inspires your designs?
We are constantly inspired by all the amazing kids brands we follow through social media. We love simple and classic clothing for our children and initially went about designing specific clothes for them. We love seeing so many beautiful babies and children in our pieces. It really gives us all such a sense of pride.

Where are your favourite places to shop for kids in Fremantle, WA?
There are so many gorgeous stores in Fremantle... For kids we love Willow and the Bowerbird in East Fremantle and Mini Marche and The Corner Store in Fremantle.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Rosie - An Architect... Katie – A Pilot... Jo – A mum.
If Hubble + Duke were to make the ultimate cupcake, what flavour would it be?
Having 8 kids between us, we are constantly making cupcakes for parties! Our kids like anything bright and with sprinkles!

11 Dec 2014
style makers

Stylemaker - Cavalier

CAVALIER is a kids brand with a difference. Created with a vision to clothe little people and inspired by a sense of freedom, CAVALIER's creators Angela Chong and Perry Lam design for the brave...

With designs that are as intricate as they are functional, you find yourself wondering if you have stumbled across a beautiful piece of wearable origami. Although neither Angela nor Perry have backgrounds in fashion they have embraced this new venture whole heartedly, with Perry describing this adventure as "trading the life of comfort for one that’s worth fighting for."

Inspiration comes in many forms for this clever duo, with their debut collection drawing on the thrill of kids playing dress-ups in their parents closets. And while the current collection comes in children's sizes only it will only be a matter of time before us big folk can join in the CAVALIER fun. "We design with the philosophy that each piece would be something that we would rock ourselves (should it come in our size) so quite naturally, that is where we would like to take CAVALIER."

We talked to Angela about what inspired her an Perry to create CAVALIER...
What is the idea behind CAVALIER and how did it start?
I have always loved fashion and starting a clothing label has always been on my bucket list. In 2013, Perry and I were at a point in our lives where we felt accomplished in our corporate careers and having worked for ourselves before (running our own media production house), it was quite natural for us seek out a new challenge and chase a dream. The idea came about to debut with kidswear because we wanted to grow our label following the natural course of life – from birth to old age.

Where are you based?
We’re based in sunny Singapore where it’s illegal to chew gum.
What do you love most about designing kids wear?
I think kidswear is the epitome of how all clothing should be – comfortable and fearless. Designing kidswear is the best because when I dream up mad ideas, I don’t have to worry that wearers would be too self-conscious to carry something off.

What inspires you?
Inspiration bombards me everywhere, in everything, and everyone. In a sense, it’s hard to switch off being inspired and it’s also impossible to pinpoint a single inspiration for each piece because really, an article of clothing is a magic pot of a gazillion inspirations. If I had to generalize it, CAVALIER is sparked by the thrill of kids playing dress-up in their parents’ closets and the vision to clothe little sartorial people.

The general inspiration for our debut collection was drawn from the people closest to me, my family. The Dora Dress for example, is homage to my mother and Peter Pants, my father. The more casual D range of streetwear was pulled from my sneakerhead brother. I’m extremely lucky to have grown up in a family of tastemakers who molded my eye for fashion and motivated my fearlessness in style. If you dig deeper, you will find a crazy mix of inspirations from rock and roll culture, Mark Twain and even Bruce Lee.

What sets Cavalier apart from other children's brands?
The brave, the brazen, and the intellectually arrogant – that’s a CAVALIER kid, young or old. The CAVALIER kid doesn’t ask if an article of clothing is for boys or girls, the CAVALIER kid wows us regardless of what the labels say.

Where is your favourite place to shop for kids in Singapore?
The irony is that the lack of design-centric places to shop for kids in Singapore was the catalyst to the birth of CAVALIER. CAVALIER is mostly stocked at independent fashion and lifestyle stores in Asia and is racked next to the coolest womenswear and menswear labels because we couldn’t find kids stores that aligned with our brand and style.

Nana & Bird Kids (our retailer that is housed within Nana & Bird, a multi-label womenswear boutique) has to be our pick because they curate the dopest kidswear labels and the quaintest collection of kids toys from all over the world.

What do you love most about being a kid?
The freedom from knowledge is the best thing about being a kid. The carefree curiosity that lets you believe that you can conquer the world.

If Cavalier were to make the ultimate icecream cake what flavour would it be and what would it look like?
This is officially our favourite interview question ever. First of all, it’s chocolate over vanilla, ALWAYS.

The CAVALIER ice cream cake will be a savage concoction of dark chocolate and blue bubblegum ice cream laced with honeycomb chunks, Turkish delight jellies and chocolate malt balls – all in a giant fallen ice cream cone shape. Of course we have to make the cone from clear, brown sugar crisscross snaps and sprinkle hundreds and thousands of hundreds and thousands on top. More is more when it comes to ice cream cakes no?

05 Dec 2014
style makers

Stylemaker - Kapow Kids

She humbly claims she has no clue what she is doing, but we think she has got it all sorted out. And then some! KaPow Kids is a unique Australian label for babies and toddlers who want to stand out from the crowd...

We caught up with the talented Andrea to find out what inspires her...
What is your background?
I come from an architectural and interiors background. I studied architecture at Melbourne Uni for 6 years and have worked in the industry for 7 years. Sometimes I feel like I have no clue about what Im doing because I have no background in fashion, but I'm learning as I go.

What inspired you to start Kapow Kids?
After having my son, Flynn, I returned to work part time as an architect in a big, busy firm in the city. I realised that my love for architecture was completely gone. Also the stress of working in a big office and being a mum was a bit of a struggle. So I started making kids appliqué t-shirts by hand stitching them, because I didn’t know how to sew.

Eventually I taught myself to sew and started making more things, like headbands and leggings, all from home. Sales grew exponentially and I knew I couldn’t work both jobs anymore, so I quit architecture. It was a pretty scary step but I’m so glad I did it. Kids clothing makes me so happy. I just love my job and am very passionate about creating things.

What do you love most about designing for kids?
I love everything about designing kids clothing, it is so much fun. It doesn’t even feel like work! I feel because I didn’t study fashion, my design process is very free and unstructured. I love that I can do some really fun prints because babies and toddlers can get away with anything. I feel like through starting KaPow Kids I am bringing all my passions together: kids, design and clothing. And I’ve always dreamt of owning a shop. I'm living the dream.

What inspires your designs?
I think all things fun and bright inspire the clothing that I make. Animals, geometric prints and monochrome are a definite favourite. Illustrator, Andrea Lauren, who we have collaborated with for some of our new fabrics is a definite inspiration as well. Her prints and patterns just blow me away, her talent is just amazing. I use pinterest and instagram for inspiration too.

Where are your favourtie places to shop for kids in Melbourne?
Im lucky to live in Carlton North so I am surrounded by cool kids shops. My three favourite kids shops that I frequently hit up are: Tree Top Shop in Brunswick, Moppit and More in Clifton Hill and Hoochie Koochie in Fitzroy North.

They have all my favourite kids labels and I can always find something unique and quirky. And two of them stock KaPow Kids which is dangerous for my bank account as whenever I drop off stock to them I end up nearly buying everything in the store.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Cartoonist or illustrator because I just loved to draw.
If Kapow Kids was a superhero what would you look like?

All campaign images are courtesy of Fi Mims Photography.

31 Oct 2014
style makers

Stylemaker - Agatha Cub

We are in love with New York based children's brand Agatha Cub. Creating a range of fun, practical and sophisticated clothing with a focus on organic fabrics and sustainable production, this is seriously one brand to watch...

Creative director and founder, Bianca Reis, is inspired by the contemporary world and her two naughty little nephews; Jo and Sam. She also finds inspiration in her travels, with the unique designs being inspired by things as diverse as weird looking sea animals, the surface texture of the moon or 12,000 species of Moss.

We asked Bianca a few questions about what inspires her...
What is your background?
My background is in mens and womens contemporary fashion , providing creative and technical direction for the fashion industry in New York. I have worked for brands such as Helmut Lang, Kimberley Ovitz and Orley alongside my own womenswear label salas\voon and now kidswear brand; Agatha Cub. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

What inspired you to start Agatha Cub?
My initial inspiration came from being dissatisfied with the kinds of companies i had come to work for as a womenswear designer. Large volumes with little to no regard for the environment or even the consumer really.

And when i started shopping for my two beautiful nephews, I noticed a serious lack of tasteful non-stereotype style clothing brands on the market (ie: trucks for boys, pink for girls) It became clear how i could make a change in the way fashion was produced and consumed and what better way than with kids!

What do you love most about designing for kids?
I love that i kind have so much fun with it all. With womenswear there is a concern for body image and this plays a huge role in what is and is not acceptable. With kids, there's so much room to help shape and influence the way in which kids see the world.

If we teach them for example that they can wear all kinds of colours and motifs then we also teach them that anything is possible.

Print plays a large part in your designs. What inspires the artwork you create?
Having just started working on the new textile prints for Fall Winter 2015, this is an interesting question. All prints are digital manipulations of photographs taken by myself on trips as well as from home.

In our first collection 'The Bodega Series', which will be released on Sept 25th, all photographs were from experiences at many different New York City Bodegas (that's a corner store or deli, if you're not from NY). For our second collection 'Peachy Fields' we took all photos on a trip up Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Our biggest and continued inspiration is the world around us. It is human nature to want to define and categorise the world so that we can understand it, and what we are striving to do at Agatha Cub, is to re-open that book for our kids. We hope to open their eyes to the endless possibility of the world, both natural and man-made.

Where are your favourite places to go in New York with kids?
My two favs are The American Museum of Natural History and The Lego Store! See the world and build your own world!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
When i grew up, I wanted to be a journalist. To go out and find stories and report them to the world. I guess, in a way i kind of do that!

If Agatha Cub were to dress a dinosaur for a trip to the moon, what would it look like?
This dinosaur would bring a friend and they would wear printed helmets. They would wear our printed button down and drop-crotch chinos for extra comfort.

16 Oct 2014
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