The Little Veggie Patch Co

The Little Veggie Patch Co is a Melbourne based business that specialises in the installation and maintenance of chemical-free vegetable gardens. The brainchild of gardeners Matt and Fabian, The Little Veggie Patch Co is a realisation of their dream to help people live a more sustainable life...

Both Matt and Fabian say they wanted to share their passion for gardening and help people grow their own fresh produce, whether it be in a back garden, a balcony or even a window ledge. They aim to teach people just how easy it is to grow and enjoy your own fresh vegetables and the reduced impact it has on the environment.

They both enjoy working with people who share their love of good food and enjoy cooking with vegetables fresh out of the garden.

They provide a wealth of information such as gardening tips, workshops, planting guides as well as their very own range of heirloom seeds.

Since the launch of their business back in 2008 they have grown leaps and bounds and have spread their love of gardening far and wide.

They also feel passionate about teaching the next generation about gardening and encourage parents to get their children involved so they can learn about growing their own fresh food.

To help spread the word further, they have published a number of how-to books to encourage people to get out there and set up their own vege patches or backyard farming. You can purchase a range of great books and tools from their website.

This great video they launched in conjunction with their gardening book gives you a taste of what they are about.

You can visit The Little Veggie Patch Co at their base in St Kilda where you can see their skills at work, as well as peruse their array of edibile plants and store.
Trinity Hall
2A Brighton Rd
St Kilda East
Victoria 3183 - Cnr (Chapel St)
Ph: +61 3 9531 5594

27 Oct 2013