Be a Vegetarian

We love chowing down on a big bowl of veggies, and we love it when our children do too. This cute little animation created by Glossy Rey might help with our promotional plight as it features a cast of loony animals on a mission to become vegetarians. Bon appetite!

03 Mar 2015

My Favourite Animal Project

This great clip is from the My Favourite Animal project, a series of animations created by Lara Lee, a London-based illustrator and director. Each animation is voiced by a different child describing their favourite animal, and Lara draws the animal in accordance to what the child says so that the animal grows with the description. The outcome is very humorous indeed...

21 Apr 2014
lines & stripes

Sundae for your Sunday

This cute little clip is from freelance animator Tim Ruffle who was asked to make 12 films on the new Flipnote Studio software for the Nintendo DSi. The clips are very clever especially considering everything was created on the Nintendo. The Sandwich Twins is another of our favourites...

16 Mar 2014
ice cream

Tree Hunting

Go on a wonderful journey with the Blair children as they hunt for the perfect Christmas tree in the woods. This charming mini film was created by Olive Us and well worth a little peek.

23 Dec 2013

The Sandwich Twins

Sandwiches have never looked so sweet. This marvellous little clip from freelance animator Tim Ruffle is sure to put a smile on your sandwich eating dial.

15 Nov 2013
black and white

Happy Halloween!

We are in love with the many spooktacular faces of Halloween in this cute little animated video made by Vilm. Whether its the drooling werewolf or the crazy eyed zombie... We are having trouble picking a favourite! Who are you loving?

31 Oct 2013

Count Dancetacular

We always knew The Count was good at mathematics, but we didn't realise how capable he was of busting a move. This short little video from Chris O'Hara exposes us to a completely new side of the astute purple Muppet… and oh how it makes us want to boogie.

30 Oct 2013


This beautiful little clip from Olive Us will have you packing up your picnic basket and rushing out the door to skip across the fields.

18 Sep 2013

A is for...

With icecream loving anteaters, burping birds and crocodile water buses, this super cute collection of ABC movies from Hank & Jona have it all...

Filled with fun these great little animations are the perfect addition to any afternoon. And the great news is the clips don't stop at the letter 'C'...

13 Sep 2013