Bodie and Fou

For a very long time we have had a very serious crush on interiors brand, Bodie and Fou. One of those proper crushes that hijacks your mind during the day and keeps you up dreaming at night...

Bodie and Fou is so much more than just an online store, it is an experience to behold. One could say it is similar to reading the most beautiful magazine you’ve ever laid eyes on… but as you turn the pages everything is completely shoppable. Word.

The Bodie and Fou lifestyle boutique is run by two French sisters, Karine and Elodie. They are obviously perfectionists because the beautiful range of homewares they continue to source specifically for the design-lover is nothing short of amazing. Deep breaths people.

Striking a perfect harmony between gritty edge and elegance, this store sends us good vibrations every time we pay it a visit. It's friendly, enjoyable, stress-free and open 24/7... No crowd, no noise, no parking ticket, no heavy bag to carry... pure bliss.

Check it our for yourself here.

11 May 2015
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To Shop - Bonton Bazar

Bonton Bazar in Paris is an ode to all things childhood. From quirky toys to gorgeous homewares, riveting books to amazing clothes, here you will everything you could ever need for your little one...

A concept store filled with delights, this gorgeous boutique could swallow hours of your day as you wander between shelves with a laden shopping basket.

From bunnies to bears, mushrooms to magic tricks, there is nothing this delightful store doesn't offer. Whether buying a gift, filling a wardrobe or decorating an abode, you will find all the treasures you need within these four walls.

And who can go past a full rainbow spectrum of bedding options! Literally something for everyone. So next time you are lucky enough to be in Paris, we highly recommend a visit.

122 rue du Bac 7e
10am-7pm Mon-Sat

25 Feb 2015
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To Shop - Hut 13

Melbourne has long been the shopping capital of Australia, and it goes without saying that it is home to some pretty amazing stores for little people too. One of our favourites is HUT 13. From wall-to-wall you will find a unique collection of original and vibrant homewares and handcrafted pieces made by local makers and designers...

We caught up with owner and serious style maker Lucy Mora to find out more about her colourful antics...
How did HUT 13 store start?
I didn't really plan to have a shop! My cousin who owned a cafe noticed that the shop next door was up for lease and she thought it would be a good idea. I had been following lots of local makers/design blogs and so that is where I drew my inspiration.

What is the idea behind the store?
The idea behind the store was to showcase Australian artisans. There is a growing movement in Melbourne of very talented crafters and makers and my enthusiasm for their work made it an obvious choice for the direction I was heading in.

What makes your store different from other stores?
I like to think I had started with this concept as a point of difference however quite a few shops now have the same ethos. I was one of the first to run exhibitions and openings and workshops in a shop. I continue to try and carve out a difference and spend a lot of time thinking of new ideas to keep it fresh.

What kind of atmosphere does HUT 13 aim to create when people enter?
The atmosphere is a happy one! In our children's department I like to stock toys that are creative or nostalgic . We have beautifully hand made dolls and wooden toys. We also do small runs of clothing for kids! The home-wares are both practical and decorative. We are a one stop gift shop full of colour and interesting things that you don't see anywhere else.

If you were a kid in Melbourne where would be the first place you would go?
Collingwood Children's farm….. still love it!
Do you have any exciting news coming up?
We're going to install an indoor veggie patch! Bring in the kids and let them have a dig.

Store Address
79 Swan St, Richmond, VIC 3121
(+613) 94281750

You can also find HUT 13 on instagram and facebook.

19 Feb 2015
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neon jungle

To Shop - tinycottons

We have long been fans of gorgeous Spanish brand tinycottons... So we are extremely excited that they have just opened a stunning flagship boutique in Barcelona. With a lovely range of clothes based around comfort, quality and fun, tinycottons wanted to create a space that was different from other children stores out there...

We chatted to tinycottons about the idea behind their lovely store...
How did tinycottons store start?
This idea was there from the very beginning, of course it took time to make it real, we were looking for the perfect place for a long time, and suddenly it appeared, we didn't hesitate, we went for it. Located in the Barcelona city centre, Eixample neighbourhood, full of great shops, and lot of families, we found our own space that represented our point of view on kids fashion.

What is the idea behind the store?
The idea was to create a space that wouldn't look like a typical shop with kids clothing. We wanted to create a place ideal for more curious parents who look for something fresh, with new designs, selective products and great quality, as well as being eco conscious.

What makes your store different from other kids stores?
tinycottons shop is simply the essence of tinycottons... simple, easy shapes, comfortable, minimal, yet fun and attractive. A place where you can find our full collection, well displayed, with an easy cross merchandise, to help on the buying process. At the very end we decided to add some cool partners in crime, such as Omy, mini fjallraven Kanken, kids Hershel, lovely houses and dolls from Rock and Pebble, books and beautiful illustrated albums for little ones and much more.

Tell us something about tinycottons that might surprise people?
Our great team is extremely small! We work really hard every day, we started from "0" in july 2014 and we have now 142 retailers across the world, and many more to come for the upcoming seasons, we need to thank each and everyone of our retailers and clients for letting our dream come true.

If you were a child in Barcelona where would be the first place you would go?
Probably a good option is to start with a good breakfast at Travel&Cake (Carrer Aribau), then a visit to Cosmo Caixa (a great museum for kids!) or a visit to Park Laberint (Horta), after that a lunch at Fast & Vinic (kids can draw on their walls, simple organic food, calm music, great for parents too!) and finally a beach walk at sunset.

Do you have any exciting news coming up?
We are working hard on our new winter collection which we'll present at Playtime Paris next January, this collection will be a big step for us, we are introducing lot of newness, denim pants, a full woven collection and some outwear, better prices, and even better quality...! really happy about these! And soon we're moving to our NEW headquarters, nice location, with a great showroom, we're very excited! You are all welcome to visit us!

Store Address
Rambla Catalunya 31, Barcelona
(+34) 935 842 352


28 Dec 2014
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To Shop - Elfie Store

Walking through the door of gorgeous London store Elfie, you'd be excused for thinking you had travelled back in time. Taking inspiration from old England, childhood fairytales and traditional children's clothes, the two sisters who launched Elfie set out to create a fun, magical and durable brand that would stand the test of time...

Using the magic of old England as the basis of their designs, the two sisters have managed to create a traditional British style with a modern edge.

Rich colours, tweeds, and floral prints mixed with old gypsy bright colours and ethereal beauty add to the more traditional elements of the designs whilst their own vintage hand-me-downs styled with skinny jeans, stripy tights and glitter shoes add a fresh, modern twist.

Their aim is to encourage children to explore outside, build dens and get creative, which naturally comes with mud, dirt and scuffles. To achieve this they set about designing clothes that look like they have come out of a fairy tale, but are built for robust children that frolic about.

Likewise the gorgeous Elfie store feels almost like a room in an old fashioned dollhouse filled with beautifully designed clothes that you can pass down through the generations.

Each collection is designed with complementing colour tones to encourage children to make up different looks and find their own style, whether it be pairing a corduroy dress with a sparkly cape, or a tweed coat with an animal hat.

The Elfie Boutique,
27 Chilworth Street,
London, W2 3HA

26 Dec 2014
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To Shop - Incy Interiors

If we were fifty centimetres shorter... then we know what we'd be sleeping on tonight... Why an Incy Interiors bed of course! This gorgeous Australian based brand specialises in designer furniture and homewares for children and babies. Setting themselves apart with classic yet stylish designs, their products not only look great, but are functional and affordable. So it goes without saying that we were very excited when Incy Interiors opened up a new store in Chatswood, NSW, not only stocking their own beautiful wares, but a selection of amazing other brands as well....

We caught up with Kristy, the great mind behind Incy Interiors, to find out more about the new store...
How did Incy Interiors store start?
Incy has been around for three and a half years now and we have a number of stockists across Australia, but we were always asked by people where they could view our products in Sydney. We do have limited stockists in Sydney and after living on the lower north shore for 13 years and having spent MANY hours at Chatswood Chase, we figured there was no better place to open our flagship store.

What is the idea behind the store?
The store is a collection of all our favourite products from brands just like ourselves. 99 per cent of the products sold in the Incy store are all Australian designed and from small businesses like us, who are all super hard-working and passionate about what they do. At Incy everything we do is from the heart, including the selection of brands we sell in the store.
We 100% believe in all the brands we stock – we love the story behind how they started, we love their passion for delivering beautiful products and we love that it isn’t mass produced and available everywhere. Australian design is leading the world at the moment and we are so proud to be associated with such talented - but most importantly - lovely people.

What makes your store different from other kids stores?
The main difference between us and other stores is the products we sell. As mentioned the products are lovingly selected and not available everywhere. It’s rare to see these smaller brands sold in a major shopping centre.

What kind of atmosphere does Incy Interiors aim to create when people enter?
We want people to feel the love - we want them to feel comfortable for their kids to jump on the beds and draw on the walls.

Tell us something about Incy Interiors that might surprise people?
My brother Tom came up with the name Incy and he is now the Manager of the new Chatswood Chase store. It is a bit of a family affair with my sister being our Marketing Manager and my other sister being my nanny. If only mum and dad had more children!

Chatswood Chase Store
Shop 219, Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre,
345 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, NSW
(02) 9412 3884

Bathurst Store
139 George Street, Bathurst NSW 2795
(02) 6331 6072


11 Dec 2014
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Introducing The Gathered Store…

We’ve been bursting to tell you for a while now, but we’ve been busy beavering away to make it just right before we spilled the beans. But finally, the time has come to share our news… Just in time for Christmas, we have officially opened the doors to a brand new online boutique called The Gathered Store. Curated by the team here at Little Gatherer...

Being in a constant state of research and discovery for Little Gatherer, it felt only natural that we began assembling our most favourite treasures into a big shoppable showcase for our friends, family and followers. Hoorah!

The Gathered Store is filled with beautiful products from all corners of the globe.

Each product has been meticulously sourced from the artists and brands we have been lucky enough to work with since the launch of little gatherer.

In the store you will find beautifully designed homewares, toys and artworks and we would like to thank all the gorgeous brands who have helped to fill our shelves for launch: Tell Kiddo, Mulga The Artist, Le Train Fantome, Pop Factory Shop, Made of Sundays, Baby Bites, Bella Buttercup, 100 Percent Heart, TwentyOne Fifteen, Shwings, Papermint Studio, Des Enfantillages, Cocon, Ava & Yves, Daniela Dahf, Needle & I, Laura Blythman, Henry & Home Co.

Numbers are limited and the product selection will be ever changing, this way there will always be something new and exciting to discover when you visit The Gathered Store

We truly hope you enjoy browsing the store as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. And most importantly, we hope it helps make your Christmas shopping a little more fun and inspiring.

A massive thanks to the lovely Concrete & Honey for styling and shooting our gorgeous campaign images.

12 Nov 2014
the gathered store
art and design
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To Shop - Advice From A Caterpillar

Would you take advice from a caterpillar? I guess it would depend on the type of caterpillar we are talking about. Are we talking about a caterpillar with shifty eyes and a gold bracelet around each of his hundred legs, or more the kind who wears top hats and monocles and smoke cigars? Either way, if it actually came down to it, we think we’d probably listen if we were to stumble across any type of talking caterpillar...

What an unforgettable name this charming children’s boutique in Toronto Canada has. Ever since we discovered it, it has remained front of mind. Not only because of it’s quirky name, but also because of the beautiful décor and stunning products that fill the shelves.

A lifestyle store for children ages newborn to six, this winning store is located in the heart of Toronto.

Just off the beaten path and a few blocks away from the hustle of the CBD, it remains a curious abode devoted to enchantment of childhood. Certainly worth a visit if you visit Toronto.

The store features an exclusive collection of curated items from around the world including new and vintage children’s clothing, furniture, toys, books, lifestyle accessories and baby necessities.

It is actually one of those stores you are probably best to leave your wallet in the safety of your hotel, as you are sure to want to buy everything in sight.

Be sure to check out the 'Advice From A Caterpillar' online store. Or next time you are in Canada, make a trip to the bricks and mortar:

Advice From A Caterpillar
8 price Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, m4w 1z4
(416) 960 2223

11 Oct 2014
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To Shop - Sukha-Amsterdam

Amsterdam will always have a special place in our hearts. Houseboats bobbing, flowers blooming and bicycles ring-a-ding-dinging. We will always love two-wheeling through the streets of this amazing town in search of beautiful antiques, books, fashion and other curiosities. And there is one particular place buried in the centre of this wonderful city that is a must if you are in the hood. Sukha-Amsterdam is a cosy warehouse brimming with handcrafts, unique items and labels that will make you swoon...

Visiting the store is a wonderful experience, with quirky little poems and doodles in every nook and cranny, you are sure to not only leave with a full shopping bag but also a big smile on your face.

Sukha is well known for their eco-friendly mindset, with most products in the store having a sustainable background. The name Sukha itself means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit, the language of the Buddhist monks in India and Nepal.

Sukha also recently launched its own label Atelier Sukha, featuring a range of fashion, accessories and homewares. Everything in the range is made from pure, and natural materials like wood, wool, linen, cotton and cashmere.

Designers and founders of the brand, Irene Mertens and Sam IJsbrandy, travelled to the poorest regions in India and Nepal where they jointly developed the Atelier Sukha product line-up with local communities.

The Sukha-Amsterdam store is within a walking distance from Central Station and is located in the lively Haarlemmerstraat, which is known for its one of a kind boutiques.

Sukha Amsterdam
Haarlemmerstraat 110
1013 EW Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 330 40 01

22 Aug 2014
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To Shop - TINY

Nestled in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district lies a beautiful new concept store for kids called TINY. A welcoming space with a modern interior and beautiful selection of brands, TINY is a must visit...

With care taken to preserve the buildings original features TINY has created a space that you could easily spend hours in perusing all of the lovely wares.

"We collect our hand-picked selection of international brands for children that reflects our passion for quality and appreciation of curiosity and fun in design." Stocking many of our favourite brands such as Anatology, Fine Little Day, Mini Rodini, and Omy; you are sure to find some treasures here.

There is also the exciting news that their beautiful hand-picked selection will soon be available on online, so you can get involved in the TINY magic no matter where you are.

We asked Anne, the great mind behind TINY about her beautiful store...
How did TINY store start?
With a lot of work and a kick off party. And before all of that it was a big dream hiding behind my forehead growing and growing until it got too big and had to continue growing in reality. (seeing a pregnancy analogy here? Well, it's my baby!)

What is the idea behind the store?
It's a gathering of my favourite items for kids: fun but not corny, practical but not boring, cool but age appropriate. I'm utilizeing the whole shop to draw attention to the amazing, fantastic and humorous parts of kids rather than pointing out their "dark sides" like growing so fast / geting dirty all the time / not appreciating cool toys. And it seems to work. I had couples in here thinking of having a second baby... mission accomplished.

What makes your store different from other kids stores?
In comparison with most of the german stores I'm pretty active on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. And thats where a lot of my inspiration comes from. I am younger than most of the kids store owners and somehow part of a new generation which might make my store a little more modern too.

For example we tried to get rid of the stereotypical cuteness but didn't leave out the playful parts while creating the DNA of TINY. Unisex items play a big role in my selections, so do sustainable or organic materials. I am not reinventing the wheel, but I'm giving it a new colour.

What kind of atmosphere does TINY aim to create when people enter?
An airy but cozy feeling.

Tell us something about TINY that might surprise people?
While coming up with the identity of TINY we treated the store as if it was a real child. So we thought about what it might like to wear or to do, how its room would look like and what kind of temper it would have. We wanted its DNA to grow as organically as possible and this kind of approach helped a lot.

If you were a child in Berlin where would be the first place you would go?
The botanical garden. It's like Disney Land with plants – magical!

Do you have any exciting news coming up?
An online shop! That is very exciting.

11 Jul 2014
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