The Gift of Giving with Tutu Du Monde

Magic is in the air with these stunning Christmas Gift Sets and These Little Treasure Dolls from Tutu Du Monde! Twirling their way into Christmas stockings this season these gorgeous pieces will make gifts that will be cherished by your little one for years to come...

Collaborating with These Little Treasures these gorgeous Tutu Du Monde gift sets include a costume piece, matching accessory and divine festive gift box. They are the perfect pieces to place under the Christmas tree and the perfect piece to gift.

To complete the dream, little girls can dress like their dollies in their same frothy tulle dresses. Little Treasure dolls are 45cm tall, (a lovely size that makes for a real 'companion' for a child), have delightful hand painted faces and feature delicate little gems and diamantes to match their mummas.

Head over to the Tutu Du Monde website to shop this gorgeous range.


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