Avakai Twins

Even though there are some pretty creative toys out there, we are big believers in simplicity and that the best toys leave room for our little one’s imagination to run wild. After all, they will always come up with something far more interesting than us adults! Introducing Vai Kai, a truly inspiring company making intuitive and connected wooden toys...

These gorgeous little dolls are called ‘Avakai Twins’ and are not only beautifully crafted but that also have 7 interactions and 12 expressions to offer up your children during an afternoon of play. Your little one will hear them laugh and even sneeze and snore.

Being twins they also communicate with each other. Working like an ingenious modern day walkie-talkie, the dolls are perfect for connecting you with your little grommie when you are away.

Bluetooth enables the two Avakai dolls to talk to each other for a distance up to 50m and from the other side of the world if you connect via the app.

And how is this for cute? When the twin Avakai dolls get closer, you can feel their heartbeats going faster! They also respond to each other's calls. With these superpowers, it is really fun to play countless games like hide and seek and treasure hunt, all with the added twist of connectivity.

Read more about the dolls and the amazing company here.

02 Mar 2016