To Build a Bird

Bristol based artist Thomas Poulsom has always been a fan of lego, and rekindled his love for it a few years ago. Being a gardener and a tree surgeon by trade, it wasn't long before his love of nature began to influence the direction of his lego making...

It was from here that Thomas began creating his Lego bird series. He starts off by researching a type of bird and checking whether their markings can be reproduced using the available Lego colours, then sets about bringing the bird to life.

After receiving worldwide attention, Thomas put some of his birds on Lego's innovative website called CUUSOO. The site gives Lego enthusiasts the chance to have their design go into production if they can gather enough votes.

If he succeeds, LEGO and one of their design teams will then try to recreate the model using their building techniques and see whether it is a feasible product to market. And if it is then LEGO will create a limited run of this model which they will sell in their stores and online.

If you would like to add your support to Thomas's LEGO Bird project visit the website.

06 Jul 2013