Create and Play

Ever received a teddy and thought ‘cute, but something is not quite right’. Well now you and your little one have the power to play artistic director and build your plush toy exactly how you like it!

Mixed Animals are made for people with a sense of imagination and appreciation for design. A beautiful collection of handcrafted plush toys with magnetic and interchangeable accessories, Mixed Animals will challenge your imagination as you decide where to put the ears and eyes.

How many different animals do you think your little one could make? Our favourites are the crazy hybrid creations where a cute little bunny ends up with a long trunk and a set of antennas.

Huzi Design and BCXSY, the design studios behind the popular Forever Pillow and Dream Car (both Kickstarter campaigns), are the innovative minds behind this fun new concept of play.

Check out the original Mixed Animals Kickstart campaign here.

27 Dec 2014