Creative Showcase - Abigail Brown

When Abigail Brown started creating beautiful things for herself and friends she had no idea how loved her creations would become. Using fabric and stitches, Abigail brings to life whimsical creatures and stunning birds that seem to live between the real world and that of the imagination. Looking at each piece you can see the love and patience that is poured into every delicate stitch...

Through exploring all of the things that inspired her and the thoughts and feelings that she had, Abigail has created a perfect world of colour and texture where dream like creatures roam. Based on her fascination with animals she gives fabrics and objects a new life, creating something fresh and vibrant.

Abigail is largely inspired by her grandma who was a seamstress, spending many hours as a child by her side absorbing her passion for fabric and thread. Since graduating she has experimented with many techniques and used what she has learnt along the way to develop her own unique style.

As well as her incredible collection of handmade creatures, Abigail has also started a little side project with Jewellery designer Sarah Collins called Only Tiny. Together they have created a lovely collection of things for little people. We asked Abigail a few questions about what gives her beautiful creations so much life...

What do you love most about creating all your wonderful little creatures?
I love that it's all fun and that that's the feeling it gives people when they see it. I'm exploring my own ideas and responses to the world around me, to the things that inspire me and it's wonderful that I get to call that my job.

What inspires you?
Everything! Colour, pattern, texture. Children's book illustration, unusual film and animation, music, nature, graphic design. Folk art, Japanese character design, old packaging... anything and everything!

All of your creations are entirely made by hand, what do you think this adds to the final product?
You can see it's made by hand, that it's been made with great care and love. I think you can feel that in a handmade item, it gives it a soul. Even if the maker makes another one they will never be able to make it the same as the last, so each piece is forever unique and incredibly special.

Where is your favourite place to get ice-cream in London?
I just found a new one in Soho on Old Compton Street called Amorino.... INCREDIBLE! You can have as many flavours as you want and they shape each scoop to form a rose!

What was your favourite thing about being a kid?
Fantasy. Roaming the woods and backyards creating other worlds out of nothing. The daily exploration of my imagination and sharing it with my friends.

If you were to bake a cake to share at a tea party with all of your creatures what would you make?
Whenever there's a choice of cake I ask very politely for a thin slice of each :-D So I would think that my dream cake would be a cake made up of all my favourite cakes, maybe as layers or maybe just cobbled together in a random fashion. I'd need some french custard slice, chocolate eclair, moist and tangy lemon sponge, black forest gateau, fresh fruits and cream... and probably some others too!

All workroom images courtesy of Emma Collins.