Creative Showcase - Cat-Rabbit

We've been in love with the incredible Cat-Rabbit since forever. The wonderful characters that fill her world are everything you could dream of in the perfect side-kick, turtles with backpacks, nerdy rabbits with glasses and librarian bears dressed in waistcoats. The detail and love put into every one of Cat-Rabbits toys is evident right down to the lacing on the sneakers...

Based in Melbourne, Cat-Rabbit works as a textile artist, devoting much of her time to her textiles/plush label that she started back in 2004. She began by making little rabbit toys as gifts for friends and family, but has since branched out into sloths, turtles, cats and owls (among others). Each of her creatures is lovingly handmade without a pattern, ensuring that all of them are unique and have their own special characters.

Aside from the toys available on her Etsy store and in various other stockists, Cat also makes characters to order. Decide on what makes up your perfect side-kick, whether its a pair of square framed glasses, a spotted bow tie, or some red and white sneakers, and Cat-Rabbit can make your imagination come to life.

Cat-Rabbits work has been exhibited in Australia and internationally, enjoying shows with Ghostpatrol, The Seven Seas and Nior. She has also created her first children's book, 'Owl Know How' with Isobel Knowles, and published by Thames & Hudson.

We asked Cat a few questions about her wonderful textile characters...
What do you love most about creating your wonderful Cat Rabbit creations?
I like most everything about creating my dudes, but at the moment I'm particularly enjoying making them little backpacks!

What inspires you?
Books, Pugs and The Seven Seas.

If you were a kid in Melbourne where is the first place you'd go?
The Collingwood Children's Farm!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Anne of Green Gables.

What is your all time favourite kids movie?
The Goonies.

If Cat Rabbit were to design the best pair of shoes ever! what would they look like?