Creative Showcase - Corby Tindersticks

Corby Tindersticks is an illustration-led label producing wonderfully playful clothing, toys and felt posters for children and the young at heart. Team Tindersticks lovingly design their products to have a refreshing point of difference to the things you typically find on the high street, plus they are good for the environment...

Currently based in East London, British independent designer Carly Gledhill is the brains behind Corby Tindersticks. After spending her younger years scribbling in note books, drawing robots and making art from lentils, Carly worked in a variety of different careers before launching the brand. "I wanted to design a range that was inspired by my memories of being little and my collections of books, crockery and toys."

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Carly and ask more about her great designs and cheeky characters…
What do you love most about creating for Corby Tindersticks?
I really enjoy the design process, doodling new characters and then creating little personalities for them. I also love seeing the pictures of kids wearing/ playing with Corby creations, it makes it all worthwhile!

What inspires you?
Having recently moved to London I am enjoying seeing the city and all it has to offer, I recently visited the Serpentine Pavilion and the Royal Academy Summer exhibition which both have an inspiring environment. I am also enjoying exploring the London Underground and its art, tiles and signage, it’s a working part of the city history that I find fascinating.

Where is your favourite place to go in London?
I’ve found a little park called Meath gardens where I like to sit on my lunch hour, I also love the Southbank and the Royal festival hall.

What was your favourite thing about being a kid?
My parents kept their old car, an Austin Aleegro called Betsy for my sister and I to play in. She was parked at the bottom of the garden, we used to drive all over the world in our imagination, we were particularly fond of driving to Blackpool.

What childhood candy do you reminisce about the most?
Being Vegan now I do miss out on a lot of candy eating, probably jelly babies, especially the red ones.

If Corby Tindersticks were to design a wonderful robot! What would it be called and what would it look like?
It would have to be two, Albert and Pedro.

12 Sep 2013