Creative Showcase - Rock & Pebble

We are in awe of the clever designs from children's brand Rock and Pebble. Creating truly unique products that are both fun and beautifully made, there is nothing expected about these ingenious designs...

Rock and Pebble was created by the same masterful mind behind Mr Printables, an extremely popular craft site offering creative and educational free printables for kids. Rock and Pebble aim to create natural, non toxic and sustainable homewares, toys and paper products that are imaginative, playful and artistic.

We asked Olive a few questions about her gorgeous brand...
What inspired you to start Rock & Pebble?
While making many fun projects with paper on Mr Printables, we also wanted to get our hands on wood and other materials and realise some other three dimensional ideas. Rock & Pebble came in part from that sense of playing with a rock and pebble in your hand, a tactile tension between material and form. It's another avenue through which we can imagine.

What do you love most about designing products for kids?
We make things we want to play with ourselves! There are so many wonderful toys in the world but it's also surprising that some things we daydream still do not yet exist! So it's really fun to try to bring those thoughts & musings into reality.

Coming up with ideas and shaping them into real objects are the parts we love. Eventually having the toy you dreamed of realised in your hand is the best part. Production and logistics are the very boring and quite difficult part.

What inspires your designs?
We just imagine what we would like - for example, who doesn't dream of living in a cloud? But we couldn't find anything that offers this imaginary theatre, so we made one. So the process is quite simple. We start with those fun questions and take it from there.

However the actual design process is long, with many prototypes and can be difficult. For those, we're inspired by artists such as Noguchi, Calder and playful designers like Eames of course, among many others. We try to create artistic forms and spend a lot of time refining the shapes and balance.

For example for Cloud House we wanted it to be a beautiful form, a sculptural interpretation rather than a cartoon version.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A pilot! I'm still planning to be one!

What was your favourite thing to do as a child?
Finding small animals and bringing them back home. It wasn't however my parent's favorite thing.

If Rock & Pebble were to create the ultimate cupcake, what flavour would it be?
The ultimate cupcake would be like a fluffy cream cloud, studded with little stars and a moon in it. Each star and the moon have different flowery flavours, like rose and violet. So it's like eating a cloud that tastes like flowers. Not too sweet, with subtle and lingering flavours! Oh and it's so very light that you have room for another or two...