Delivering Magic

Magic is the power of creating something amazing by using mysterious forces. It often leaves who ever sees it completely spellbound and yearning for more. Much like how we feel after discovering this Finnish company called Almondella, who we truly believe delivers baby magic on a monthly basis...

Almondella offers a subscription service that delivers you and your baby gorgeous packages filled with beautiful things. The business idea is based off a very lovely tradition in Finland where mothers receive a nicely boxed ‘starter pack’ to help them care for their newborn babies.

The company wanted to bring this magical Finnish tradition to other mothers all across Europe. So they rolled up their sleeves and sourced the finest environmentally conscious and creative brands, boxed them up and started to send them out.

As you can see from these gorgeous images (sourced from from UKKONOOA blog), Almondella stands for beautiful and long-lasting products. With an eye for good design, you can be sure that every surprise box dropped on your doorstep is jam packed with quality goods that will make you swoon and squeal.

The boxes include organic care products, natural cosmetics, wooden toys, baby clothes, books and much more, often featuring small local design brands from the Nordic and Baltic regions.

But the most impressive part of this experience is the fact that the products you receive grow with your child, always tailored to their age and developmental stages. Magic!

Head over to the Almondella website for a sneak peak of the process and the products you may receive.

19 Mar 2015