Glitter Jam

Painstaking attention to detail is hard to come by in today’s world of fast fashion, quick fixes and disposable everythings. But when you do stumble over something that has been made with real hands and real love, it’s very special indeed...

We really love this project by French designer and illustrator Maiwenn Philouze called Confiture de Paillettes, a beautiful family of sleeping rabbits handmade for little people with a whole lotta love.

The name Confiture de Paillettes means ‘glitter jam’, which explains the sweet little packet of glitter that comes with each handmade lovely. What a delightful touch!

From their perfect pastel colourings, to their little bonnets that pack a sassy punch, there is a lot to love about these little ladies.

Unfortunately commissions to have your own made are currently closed, but we are hoping they come back soon by popular demand. Find out more about the project on Maiwenn Philouze’s website.

12 Apr 2014